How many points do I have on my driving license?

13 years ago the General Directorate of Traffic launched the point permit system to regulate driving offenses. In principle, all drivers had 12 points, except new drivers who always have 8 during the first 3 years. Three years later, drivers who had not committed any infraction were awarded two more points, and another three years later, with another point in case they had not lost any, until reaching a maximum of 15 points.

Loss of points for infractions

Serious infractions, in addition to posing a danger and carrying a financial penalty, carry with them the loss of points, ranging from three for driving by programming the navigator or manipulating the mobile phone to six for reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or with instruments that inhibit radars. The fines for speeding range from two to six points.

How to know how many points I have on my driving license

The DGT provides information on all drivers included in the Registry of Drivers and Offenders of the General Directorate of Traffic, for which it is necessary to have a valid driving license. If on any occasion you have been sanctioned and you have doubts about your driving license points, you should know that it is possible to consult them very easily through the electronic headquarters of the DGT.

If you have a digital certificate to resolve administration proceduresYou only have to connect through it to know your balance of points up to the minute. The same thing happens with him Cl @ ve system, which can be occasional or permanent.

But if you do not have either of these two accesses, checking your balance of driving license points is still possible through its website. You only have to request an access code from the DGT through a simple online form, which will help you access and know the status of your permit at the time. This access is permanent, but you can reset it if you have forgotten your password …