How is the ritual of the Chinese tea ceremony

The ritual of the Chinese tea ceremony is a tradition rooted in culture of this Asian country. A ritual that be part of the pre-wedding festivities, as a sign of welcome and hospitality to a home or a show of respect. No rush. This rite is performed by following each of the steps – which take time – and using the appropriate utensils for the occasion. Get to know with us this centuries-old tradition that unites culture and gastronomy.

Chinese tea ceremony, an ancient practice

This beautiful staging is carried out with harmonic and delicate movements. According to the Chinese liturgy, we will need three different teapots and each one will serve a purpose. One of them will serve to heat the water to a temperature that does not come to boil, another kettle to prepare tea and a last one with which it will be served to the diners. You will need, in addition and of course, tea leaves and cups of different sizes, the smallest are used for a first olfactory approach.

Tea plantations (bigstock)

We infuse the leaves in that water for the time established according to the different styles of tea ceremony that we do. We serve in a container and pour into small glasses to smell these first drops. The tradition says that these cups are only filled halfway and that they are taken correctly with the index and thumb fingers while the middle finger will support the base of the cup.

After this first action of smelling the infusion, all the diners are served so that they can taste the tea slowly and are somewhat noisy sips. It is forbidden to add sugar to the tea.

Origin of tea: legends

There are many myths surrounding the origin of this plant. One of these legends takes us back about 3000 years, with the figure of Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung. According to the story, resting under a tree, the emperor took a bowl of hot water on which some leaves of that plant fell. That was the discovery of this infusion that became his favorite drink and of which he said: «tea quenches thirst, reduces the desire to sleep, cheers and quickens the heart.»