How does the card benefit?

The Madrid City Council makes available to people over 65, pensioners over 60, and their spouses or partners (even without meeting these requirements) this card that, once obtained, will accredit you as a member of a Municipal Center for the Elderly, also offering you other interesting advantages.

What can this card do for you?

Holders of the card will have the opportunity to access practically all of the multiple activities that take place in one of the 89 Municipal Centers for the Elderly in Madrid, where the offer of leisure, culture and sport it is really broad and is designed to satisfy the interests and preferences of the elderly.

It is a free card, that can provide you, for example, a good saving in the «Sport subscription», so you can enjoy and take advantage of all the municipal sports facilities at your fingertips at a lower price. With it there are no excuses for not practicing some of that exercise that suits you so well. Discounts on food in associated establishments, in bars and restaurants in the capital, savings, also, in beauty centers or hairdressers, stationery stores, florists … it is a price reduction that can reach up to 15% – 20%, although as we publish in 65Ymore there is a bit of chaos with the stories and not all the establishments that appear in the list have them.

How to order it?

Too easy. You can do it in person at the Citizen Service Offices Madrid Line or, if it is more comfortable for you, through Internet, filling in the corresponding form. As for the necessary documentation, if you are over 65, you only need a document that confirms it (DNI). If you are between 60 and 64 they will also ask you for a receipt to prove that you are a pensioner. In the case of spouses or couples, it will be necessary to present the Family Book or the Certificate of Registration in the Register of Domestic Partners. Logically, any document must corroborate that you reside in Madrid.

In addition to the advantages in services, the card accredits you as a user of a specific Municipal Center, but if you want to go to another, because it has an offer of activities that is more interesting, you can also request the change simply by presenting your card and requesting it .