How does the furniture delivery service work at Ikea?

If you are a lover of the Nordic style in decoration, this is one of the places where you can shop to furnish your home. We refer to Ikea (@IKEASpain), the well-known establishment where you can find thousands of furniture and accessories to dress your home from top to bottom without missing any detail or leave your pocket low.

Of course, new technologies have thought about your comfort so that do not have to go personally to the store to choose a table or a set of sheets for the bed. Also in Ikea you can buy furniture at the click of a mouse through the computer, which then they arrive comfortably at your home. We explain how.

They send it to your home or you go to pick it up at the collection points

Among the services available, Ikea allows you to fill the shopping list via on-line and, later, choose that if you want everything to be delivered to your home or to pick it up at a collection point enabled. Of course, in both cases, at the final price of the purchase you must add a extra cost which is determined based on what you have previously spent.

So, if what you have purchased does not weigh more than 25 kilograms, that is, what goes into one of the typical blue bags of this establishment, the price to pay will be between 4 euros, if you have paid 50 euros or less on the invoice, or three times more if the total purchase ticket exceeds 150 euros.

How does the furniture delivery service work at Ikea?

However, in this case there is an exception that it is recommended that you know: those objects for which optimal shipping conditions cannot be ensured, such as food products, natural plants and items sensitive to high temperatures. Except for these cases, in the rest of the products the maximum delivery time is 4 business days. As long as it is on the peninsula, since no deliveries are made on the islands or in Ceuta or Melilla.

What if you bought a bed or a wardrobe, for example? For everything without a weight limit and that fits into an Ikea cart folded into parts, the cost to enjoy this service at home is between 39 and 99 euros. Also based on the total value of the purchased, up to 400 euros in the first figure and over 1,000 in the second. In addition, in this type of deliveries they offer you the possibility of specifying the time you want to receive the packages, within a maximum delivery time of up to 3 days.

Everything explained so far is related to purchases made on the Internet, since if you you approach a store from the Swedish brand you can also request the same service. Something that is very useful if, for example, that day you do not have a car or you cannot take what you have bought, especially if it is bulky. In this sense:

  • For items weighing up to 100 kilograms, the order is carried to the housing portal or at the closest point to the house that can be accessed with a van. The payment for this service ranges between 39 and 49 euros.
  • Also for acquisitions that have been made exclusively in an establishment, you can receive more voluminous furniture with an added cost of between 49 and 99 euros based on what you paid for everything.
How does the furniture delivery service work at Ikea?

In addition, another option, if it is difficult for you to be at home or away for a few days due to your schedule, is to go to a collection point for everything you have bought in a on-line. It is what is known as the modality Click & Collect. Thus, your packages will be waiting for you at a Post Office, with a maximum cost of 12 euros and a weight of no more than 25 kilograms, at the Ikea store of your choice or at a point agreed upon with collaborating companies for this purpose and under previous payment of 29 euros.

And if you want, they can do it themselves

Assembling Ikea furniture yourself is already a classic. However, it may be that due to laziness, lack of time or skill, you prefer that some professionals do it. No problem, since the workers of the Swedish decoration firm can do it. It is enough to contract the service in the same store in which you make the purchase or through the Internet.

This last option is only available for postal codes in the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area and its cost is 18 euros. For the rest, you can ask them to assemble all kinds of furniture, cabinets or sofas from 30 euros.

And one last note that will surely interest you, especially when you move and open a new home or decoration: the service of disassembly and removal of antique furniture to be sustainably managed. And all at the same time the new furniture is delivered. Of course, remember that for now this can only be hired at the establishment in person and in the case of furniture, mattresses or other types of belongings. Its price? Similar to montage.