How do you make homemade glycerin soap?

Glycerin (or glycerol) is an organic component widely used in the production of natural products intended for hygiene and personal care. It is a common element, present in many cosmetics, with which you can make custom soaps that cleanse and hydrate the skin. Glycerin soaps, for their properties softeners and moisturizersThey are perfect for sensitive skin and are also recommended for deep hydration.

Steps to make glycerin soap at home

You need some ingredients very basic:

  • Glycerin, either in a single block or, if you prefer, presented in liquid form.
  • A container where you can make the mixture for your soap and some wooden utensil to be able to remove it.
  • A mold so you can pour in the melted soap and give it the shape you want.
  • Some natural pigment or essential oil if you want your glycerin soap to have some special property or aroma.

With these elements, which will also not cost you too much, and your desire to enjoy making a craft as entertaining as it is practical, you just have to start:

  • First of all you will have to melt glycerin if you have acquired it in a single piece. Divide it into several pieces to make it easier for you and melt it in less time. The ideal is to do it in a water bath, so that the glycerin melts little by little and no bubbles form. You also have the option of the microwave, but you must ensure that the temperature does not rise above 60ºC.
  • If you are going to make your soap with liquid glycerin, heat water, preferably distilled, in a bowl. You will have to add the glycerin in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer of the product (the percentage of glycerin and water must be specified for a correct dissolution). Don’t forget to add the liquid glycerin before the water starts to boil.
  • In both cases, stir slowly and constantly, making circles with the wooden utensil.
  • If you want to add a few drops of olive oil or some essential oil, or perhaps some coloring suitable for these types of products, this is the time to do it.
  • You only need pour the mixture into a silicone mold, have some original shape and wait for your glycerin soap to cool down. It will take about an hour to be ready, although it depends on its size.
  • Unmold and enjoy your soap.