How do you have to pay VAT this quarter?

The current situation of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic is giving rise to scenarios in which uncertainty is the bargaining chip for almost everyone. In the case of paying taxes, the latest measures taken by the Government have raised some doubts.

The one with Quarterly VAT is one of them, and not only affects companies and self-employed workers, but also all those people who are already retired but who have to submit invoices such as those related to rented properties.


In this sense, not only have there been difficulties for those who earn a living with their business activity and who have had to face situations in which they have seen reduced their income, but rather that many older people who have to deliver documentation to agencies and agents dedicated to these tasks have encountered the inability to approach the offices for it. And it is that not always all the procedures can be carried out in a telematic way.


The Royal Decree

As this situation is being experienced just as the first quarter of 2020 ends, it has coincided with the presentation of the tax 303 to be done quarterly. So both this and other payments can be made within six months, as explained in the Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of March 17, on extraordinary urgent measures to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19.

This document introduces a series of temporary clauses that modify the General Tax Law, in which it is made clear that it is not possible to postpone the term of payments for quotas charged to VAT, fractioned payments of Corporation tax and personal income tax withholdings. Thus, both companies and the self-employed – as long as these companies have not invoiced more than 6 million euros– may (until next May 20) postpone the payment of taxes up to a maximum of 30,000 euros during six months.

That is, those who have to present the 303 form on the Value Added Tax (VAT) they will have to pay the amount that corresponds to them but they will be able to do so within a period of one semester. Of course, that payment can be made earlier, after three months. And also it is necessary to comment that nor there will be no interest rate, with which the same will be paid as if it had been done on that date.

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Not just VAT

In addition to the quarterly VAT declaration, since it is possible that those who must present it have not yet collected those invoices, the Royal Decree also allows the following taxes to be deferred:

  • The installment payments of the Personal income tax (Personal Income Tax) both in objective estimation and in direct estimation. In this case they are models 131 and 130, respectively.
  • The fractional payment of Corporation tax, that is, the model 202.
  • withholdings and payments on account that have been declared in the models 111, 115 and 123.

You have to request the postponement

Payment of VAT -and other taxes- that you want to postpone must be notified. That is, if for example you have a rented apartment or some other property such as premises or garages, to put just a couple of examples, and it is now your turn to make the quarterly payment, but you need this payment to be postponed because you have not charged any of the invoices, you can request the postponement of the same.

Remember this because it will not be done by default. In that case, you must inform that you accept this flexibility of payments marking in the corresponding documents the option Exemption. And as for the date on which it must be paid, it will be the 3September 0, 2020. Also, in the reason you will have to write RDL postponement. If you have doubts, it is best to contact your manager so that they fill out all these documents and that, in this way, you will not have any problem to postpone the payment.

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Petitions for large companies

This exceptional situation not only affects SMEs and the self-employed (or owners who are already retired), but also companies big enterprises and those that exceed the turnover of 6 million euros are facing some difficulties. That is why various associations are asking for it to be possible delay statements of the most important taxes, since only in this way can the liquidity deficit they have many of them.

And not only that, they mention the situation of many agencies that are only working telematically, which makes it impossible for many taxpayers to travel to deliver all documentation correspondent. After all, not all invoices are computerized and a lot of work is required by managers.