How do washing machines that incorporate WiFi work to improve their functions?

The future has already arrived, at least in your kitchen. And it is that if the electrical appliances were born to make our lives easier and to make us more comfortable that of having the impeccable house, the new technologies applied to these appliances they take another step towards the unthinkable a few decades ago.

Nowadays, if you are going to buy a robot to clean the floor, a dryer or a washing machine, it will not surprise you that many of these essentials in our house are activated with the simple sound of our voice or that even outside the home we can program the wash function to have impeccable clothes as soon as you walk through the door.

Washers that already do (almost) everything

Today we know how the washing machines connected to the internet as part of its many practical functions. As explained by the Organization of Consumers and Users (@consumers), these smart appliances can be controlled with a simple swipe of your finger via your mobile phone or tablet thanks to a app own of that washing machine.

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Once you have downloaded it, a whole world of possibilities opens up when it comes to facilitating the tedious task of remembering to put a washing machine. And what is worse, to tend it especially when it is late and laziness does not make things much easier. Thus, thanks to the revolution on-line you can:

  • Schedule when you want the washing and do it remotely. It will not even be necessary for you to be at home, much less press the power button as it has been done all your life. You can also pause or cancel that wash program at any given time.
  • Such is the intelligence of this type of device that if it «notices» that there is a problem when performing its function, they send notifications to the mobile so that the user knows it in advance or contact the technical service directly for your arrangement.
  • There are not only white and black cotton clothes. For the most delicate or confusing garments, these types of applications connected via WiFi offer advice on how to wash certain garments, which soap to use or which program is the most suitable for each type of fabric.
  • And if that was not enough, recognize all kinds of spots. Some can even end up with more than a dozen of them, including the most difficult to make disappear such as wine. It will appear that you have brought the clothes from the same dry cleaner.
  • And the height of convenience is that many of these washing machines with WiFi can do what you send them. It is not a joke. They have a smart speaker system that allows there to be a «communication» between the washing machine and the user.
How Wi-Fi Washing Machines Work

Modernity, but also responsibility

This type of washing machines with WiFi They are not only a breakthrough in terms of practicality and comfort. There will come a day that they will even put their clothes on their own … These new technologies also make this type of household appliances so advanced improve in relation to their consumption. In short, more efficient and sustainable appliances, something very important in this case if we take into account that the washing machine is after the refrigerator and the television the appliance that consumes the most energy.

This type of washing machine has nothing to do with the more conventional ones that have become obsolete compared to these new models that we find in stores. Thanks, in addition, to those new features where the functions on-line are the protagonists, these washing machines are more respectful not only with your rest and your leisure (when taking time away from doing household chores) but also with the environment.

They are able to control the level of water that is needed in each wash to get to spend 30% less. If you’ve ever noticed, her energy certificate as A +++ it reduces the electricity bill compared to the models of yesteryear.

But not only is it that they save on the electricity and water you consume at home, which is not a little, but their smart functions also allow you to balance the adequate dosage you need of detergent or fabric softener depending on the type of laundry or the washing program. And they do it automatically without you noticing just by detecting that load of garments, the type of fabric or the level of dirt on them.

How do washing machines that incorporate WiFi work to improve their functions?

More features

In addition to everything that the washing machines of the future offer you, these modern machines are capable of more and more functions:

  • Wash clothes in half the time and look just as impeccable. And it is that these garments not only rotate and rise and fall in the drum, but also follow a movement Back and forth. Come on, there is no drop of dirt that can resist.
  • The same efficiency but using cold water, which translates into energy savings since the water does not have to be heated.
  • If in the middle of the wash we have forgotten to put that shirt that we need for a special appointment, the technology of some of these washers allows us to add them in the middle of the wash cycle.
  • And not only for clothes, but some of its functions are responsible for cleaning the interior of the appliance and neutralize any bad odors that may exist.