How do lost property offices work?

In this particular world of forgetfulness and confusion, not all lost property offices work the same, because its management depends on each municipality, but what is certain is that almost anything can reach any of them. Documentation, mobile phones, bags, coats, the transport pass or the umbrella left on the bus, a watch, a scarf or false teeth (as is). We imagine that the workers in these offices are no longer surprised by anything, but for most mortals, these offices are a true mystery.

In reality, everything is simple and crystal clear. If you have lost something that you want to recover, you can go to one of them, in case someone had found it and, hopefully, deposited it here. You can do the same, if you find something that you think someone will probably end up missing.

Deposit, consult or collect an item, how is it done?

First of all, when an object gets lost in a public place or service, generally ends in the corresponding department of «lost property», created expressly for this purpose. This is what happens, for example, in the different companies dedicated to public transport in large cities (metro, taxis, buses …) or in airports , railway or maritime stations, large shopping centers … If as an example you find a wallet on the bus, the normal thing is that you give it to the driver, because the person who has lost it, the first thing to do, to try to recover it, is to ask at the offices of the transport company. In these departments, lost property remain a variable time (normally one month maximum) in case someone claims them. Only after this, they will be delivered to the municipal offices.

In the case of the Madrid City Council (@MADRID), the office for this purpose, collects forgotten objects in different transport or places, including public roads. Anything that gets lost and ends up reaching these dependencies, it will be kept for a maximum of two years, unless it is documentation of a foreign person, in which case, it is referred to the Aliens Brigade of the National Police (Ministry of the Interior @interiorgob).

lost and found office

If you have lost something and want to see if it is here, you can go to the office O well make your inquiry by phone or via the internet. Collecting the lost object is always a free procedure, but you will have to identify yourself and prove (invoice) that what you are requesting is, indeed, yours.

If you find something, you deposit it in the office and nobody claims it after two years, it will be yours, provided that you have identified yourself as a «finder». If you do not want that object either, the City Council becomes the owner and may assign it (for example to institutions) or award it through public auction.