How do I store my mask?

The masks are going to be a ‘complement’ to our lives for many months, so it is essential that you know well how they are used, and especially when we take them off when, for example, we are eating or drinking in a public place such as a terrace.

  1. Before touching the mask and the face we must wash our hands with disinfectant gel. If we do not have it at hand, surely the place where we are does have it.
  2. We take off the mask because of the rubbers. We must not touch the external part, which may be infected, nor the internal part, which is the clean part that we will later put on our faces.
  3. We place the mask in a breathable bag, for example, cloth or paper, such as an envelope. Never in an airtight plastic bag since it generates humidity and favors the growth of bacteria.
  4. Try to keep the mask always in the same position inside the bag or envelope (you can make a mark to remember).
  5. Of course We should not put the mask on the chin, on the forehead, hanging from the ear or, worse still, on the arm or elbow. Those parts of the body have not been protected the rest of the day and could contaminate the mask that we will later put on again. The same happens with hanging it from the necklace or the bag.

You also have to avoid taking it off to speak, either with another person or by mobile. It is useless to have it if when we perform that action we take it off. And of course the nose should also be covered, not just the mouth, with the mask.

correct use mask 01