How do digital kiosks work to read the press on the internet?

Digital kiosks are platforms through which you can read different media, generally in print or not, on different electronic devices. To benefit from this feature, the user must pay a monthly fee in return. Basically, the concept is similar to the usual subscriptions, in which for a fixed fee you also receive the newspaper or magazine at home. Something that today, despite growth of digital media, continues to offer.

The sector

The success of this formula of digital payment for reading the news is, however, somewhat paralyzed. According to the website Digital News Report, a project of the University of Navarra (@digitalunav), the percentage of respondents who have paid for digital news remains stagnant around the 10% since 2015, either in the form of a unit payment, subscription or donation.

As to the purchase of printed press, the figures also continue to decline. In 2018, only 29% bought a newspaper, five points less than the previous year, while subscriptions remained at 6%. In general terms, 57% of users Spaniards paid nothing in 2018 for printed publications or digital news, and 51% of those who paid for digital information subscribed to a single medium.

Regarding the preferred device to watch the news online, the mobile phone is preferred by those under 65, especially for those who consult them through this medium normally. Only three out of ten users use the computer as the main method of accessing news on-line, which is used only among the elderly.

Adult person with glasses reading newspaper at correct distance

Different options

If we want to subscribe to these digital kiosks, we may have doubts before doing so. One of the best known is Orbyt (@Orbyt_kiosco ), created by Unidad Editorial, one of the leading groups in the sector of the written press in Spain. In addition to publishing The world, also has Brand, Expansion, and magazines like Telva, Economic News or Motor brand, among other.

Through this system and taking into account the great variety of media that it incorporates, Orbyt offers different subscription fees depending on what interests us. You can access the information of each newspaper since midnightregardless of where you are in the world. It allows you download the subscribed media so you can read it whenever you want, as well as access to the supplements or the newspaper library. Likewise, it has exclusive content with images and videos that those who subscribe to us cannot see.

The newspaper The reason you have created an option called You News, which allows unlimited access to exclusive content of opinion, health, cooking, leisure, etc. It has no advertising and you can choose from which journalists to receive the articles, since different professionals from the world of information collaborate. At first the subscription is quarterly, and then it becomes monthly for a lower amount. Even if sometimes they have offers.

Another possibility is the platform Kiosk and More (@Kioskoymas), of the Vocento publishing group. It is an initiative that was formed as part of the agreement of the publishing sector to favor that the media in Spanish can distribute their content in digital format. At present, it has a thousand headers, with more than a hundred editors involved in the project. It also includes interactive magazines in native format. Here we can read ABC, Woman today, The North of Castile or The Provinces. Depending on the publication we subscribe to, the price may vary.

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Easy use

The operation of this type of platform is very simple. These are applications through which you can navigate in an easy way and that they do not report any complications. These downloaded to mobile or tablet, and access through the computer is done through the digital newspaper itself or the specific platform that we use.

The advantage offered by these programs is that you can read the publications you subscribe to from your mobile phone, tablet or computer, anytime you want. You can share them on social networks, send them by email and save them to read later when I have more time. In some cases, it is possible download the magazine or newspaper PDF. You also have access to hobbies and everything you can find in the printed versions.