How Climate Change Affects Pets

A new adverse effect of the already negative climate change. Did you know animals also suffer the consequences? And not only those who live in freedom and they see their ecosystems endangered natural.

The increase in the temperature of the planet, due to greenhouse gas emissions and human action, causes variations in climate that do not follow a natural cycle. Thus, among other effects, the rhythms of the seasons change and that causes some diseases to proliferate by not having a containment measure such as the change in temperatures. In short, a danger to the health of every living thing on Earth, including the dogs and cats that live with us.

Organizations such as the World Animal Protection (@MoveTheWorld) have already raised the alarm in relation to «pollution and excessive exploitation of resources» that affects the lives of animals, in addition to destroy their environment and the means of survival they have.

How Climate Change Affects Pets

The hotter, the more parasites

What about that rise in thermometers? Well, heat is the best breeding ground for parasites, fleas, ticks and all kinds of disease-carrying bugs and insects, which love stay in the hair and skin of our pet.

Pets and heat are not good allies

If summer is normal not the most suitable season for well-being of our cat or our dog, this unusual increase in temperatures across the planet makes it still more difficult to adapt to that suffocating situation, especially due to the hair and skin that protects them. That is why it is not surprising that our pets can suffer heatstroke, especially during the summer months, which have become more dangerous at the temperature level.

Beware of the respiratory system

With this uncertain climate, our companion animals are more likely to suffer pathologies related to your respiratory system. And it is all due to those viruses and bacteria that grow freely in an environment where temperatures are higher than in normal conditions.