How can you request a change of doctor?

If for any reason you want another doctor to take care of your health and not the one that corresponds to you according to the health center closest to your home, you can request the change at any time and without having to give any kind of excuse or explanation.

This right of free choice is established by law in all the Spanish autonomous communities, although certain reports They point out that in some of them there are still difficulties when it comes to exercising it.

What do you have to do to change your doctor?

La Rioja, Andalusia, Madrid, Aragón … in most communities this is a fairly simple procedure, which you can follow.carry out online or in person. In almost all cases, the management is developed in a similar way, although there may be nuances depending on the place of residence.

In primary care, as a general rule, you can ask change of doctor, nurse and pediatrician (the latter only in some communities). As an example, in the Madrid’s community, you have two ways to do it:

  • Online, by accessing the Health Service website and selecting the center of your interest (or by searching directly for the doctor you want to be with). You must bear in mind that for the application to be processed, you need an electronic ID or digital certificate.
  • In person, going to the health center where you want to be attended and / or practice the doctor that interests you. Once you request it, the administrative unit of the center will be in charge of making the change, modifying the data on your health card.

Can you choose a specialist?

In the case of hospitals and specialists, it is always interesting to be informed about the health resources at your fingertips. It is convenient to know which hospital centers you could go to if you need it and also which specialties or units they have, for example, which have dialysis units or which have pain units.

As you know, it is your primary care doctor who must manage the consultation with a specialist if he considers it appropriate, but if the one who has assigned you does not convince you about something, you also have the option of changing it. When you get the call from appointment management center (or directly from the hospital) to confirm yours, it is time, if you want, to ask for the change (it is worth asking, for example, if there is another specialist who can assist you before). Generally, if there is no reason to justify it, your request will be dealt with immediately.