How can you paint with coffee?

Yes, you were not wrong when reading the headline. Coffee is not only used to comfort you in the morning or avoid drowsiness, but it can also be used as raw material for painting. Its technique is similar to that of watercolors, but it involves a different preparation that we are going to explain to you below.

For this we have spoken with the specialized artist Edson ferrage, for whom «the key to painting with coffee is in the preparation of this «. «I use soluble coffee (of any brand), some brushes whose hairs are not too soft, watercolor paper or failing that has a high grammage, and a palette or anything that serves to mix colors«, Add.

Tonal scale

When you begin to paint an illustration, the first step that must be taken is to see the colors that our reference has and try find a scale of tones equivalent with coffee. “For example, if our reference image has fair skin, black hair, a red shirt and brown pants, we have to prepare different shades for each of these elements. The skin has a very light shade, a medium shade for red, a darker shade for brown and a much darker shade for the black of the hair ”, points out Ferrage.

This author also explains that “to make the different shades of coffee, you have to add more or less quantity and coffee and water”. As is evident, the darker we want a tone, the more coffee it must carry.

And the dark tones?

“Getting an extremely dark shade directly with coffee is very difficult. To achieve this there are two options: apply several layers of color (paint, let it dry, paint over it again … and so on until we have the tone we are looking for) or we can mix a little black watercolor or black chinese ink”, Explains this illustrator.

Tips for painting with Chinese ink

On the other hand, it should be noted that when painting it is only necessary to take into account that the drying time coffee is slower, so when we apply a color we must wait for it to dry well before applying another layer of color on top, or else it will eliminate the color already applied.

“We also have to take into account, as with watercolor, the amount of water or liquid that we apply when we paint. In addition, imperfections or errors can be corrected applying a little water on them and with a toilet paper or kitchen paper remove it «, explains Ferrage before concluding by commenting that painting with coffee» is a matter of patience and practice until you have mastered this technique well ”.