How can you order on Amazon Prime Now?

All those who are Amazon Prime customers You’re in luck, as you can now access a new service from the global distribution giant: Amazon Prime Now. In this case it is an application that has already been running since 2016 and that facilitates, from the comfort of home, buying all kinds of food products (fresh, frozen and refrigerated), cleaning and hygiene, as well as a wide range of variety in technology, electronics or toys.

A app useful for all those who have little time to do your shopping or they need an item urgently. However, for now, this system is only active in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. However, for supermarket items you can always use Amazon Pantry, except in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, where there are certain shipping restrictions.

How can you order on Amazon Prime Now?

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime Now?

The first of the positive aspects of this initiative of the North American electronic commerce company is, according to the conditions of use of this service, the speed of delivery of the orders. And is that all packages arrive at the recipient’s home in a maximum period of two hours since the purchase has been made.

An availability with which they want to help the client in the dizzying pace of day to day in case, for example, first thing in the morning you do not have milk for breakfast or when conventional stores close you have realized that there is no bread for dinner. From this need arises Amazon Prime Now.

Another positive aspect is that if the consumer is a loyal customer, when it comes to acquiring basic necessities that are in a hurry, the application save preferences purchase so that the next time you go to place an order, this completes almost automatically. A way to save time to be able to take a look at the Amazon Prime Now catalog that, although it is not very extensive in terms of brands, it does have a significant volume of products at its disposal.

In addition, another point in its favor is that while filling the shopping cart you can see the price of the same product in several different stores, to compare the cost in each one of them. Of course, if you want the order to have no added shipping costs, the minimum cost must be 40 euros, for any purchase an order must exceed 10 euros. Otherwise, the amount to pay is 2.90 euros for standard delivery or 5.90 euros (one euro more in Madrid) if the urgency is such that it is necessary for the product to arrive. before 60 minutes.

How can you order on Amazon Prime Now?

How does this home shopping service work?

To start using this application the first thing is to have an Amazon Prime account (with a cost of 36 euros per year or less than 5 per month) and check that the requested address supports shipment of merchandise. Next, the shopping cart is filled in and it is indicated whether or not there are shipping costs according to the total amount spent.

Thus, knowing what one will pay in total is given to the option ‘Proceed to payment’, the delivery address is indicated, the payment method is selected and then the Promotional code in case it is. And that’s how easy the order is. You can even change the delivery address if there is no one at home at that moment when the products are to be delivered. Although if it is a product that does not require cold, the option of leave it at the same door.

But before that, through the application you can do a real time monitoring or even contact the delivery person by phone in case something unforeseen arises and the merchandise cannot be received. And if any of the products that have been requested is not in stock, from Amazon Prime Now they offer the possibility of replacing it and sending a similar one, in the event that when going to make the shipment it was not possible to speak with the buyer.

Deliveries that, in the case of Madrid, are made Every day of the week on schedule 08:00 hours to midnight, while in Barcelona the time slot is the same from Monday to Saturday, but on Sundays it is reduced from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Finally, those who live in Valencia can use Amazon Prime Now every day except Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

This is maintained every day of the year except on two designated dates. And it is that in Christmas Eve and New Years Eve the hours are reduced until 22:00 hours in the three points in which the home shopping application works.