How can you make a paper kite for your grandchildren

You have probably never called it a pacifier, because this small homemade toy made of paper with which you have probably spent more than a while in your childhood, predates the appearance of the famous Japanese video game called Pac man, which consisted of a kind of yellow disc with a mouth that advanced through a labyrinthine screen devouring the white dots. Now, the name of that character who jumped from arcades to the first game consoles, is what the little ones call this simple figure that you can make with a sheet or cardboard and that also serves to spend an entertaining afternoon at home that, under the current circumstances, will take place for a time yet to be determined.

step by step to make a paper kite

Comecocos step by step

Even if you are not an expert in origami, you can surprise your grandchildren with this toy that is back in fashion making a place among the latest technologies in digital entertainment. Even the little ones can help, because you won’t even need scissors. You can do it as you want, with a cardboard colored or with a blank sheet that you can paint before, with some imagination, so that the pacifier creates curious drawings while you play with it. The first thing is to give it the shape and make it ‘work’, something very simple by following these steps:

  1. You need a sheet that form exactly a square Therefore, if you have a folio-size paper, you will have to cut or simply, with a ruler, make a cross starting from each upper corner and get rid of the paper that is outside that cross (you can separate the excess strip with the help of the same rule ). Fold the paper along these two diagonals and mark them well with the help of your nails, because they will serve as a guide. You can also do it without marking the cross, directly by folding the paper into two triangles.
  2. You already have the square sheet with the guidelines and now you must take each of the four corners towards the center, folding the paper. You will have four triangles joined by their tips right in that center. The square of paper reduces its dimensions and the pacifier is taking shape.
  3. Turn it over, that is, put it upside down (triangles resting on the table) and repeat the previous operation. Take the four corners again and, folding the paper, join them in the center of the square.
  4. Finally, place it face up again and you will see that you have four squares for which you will be able to insert fingers, as if they were small paper pockets. Before testing, make one last fold, folding the kite on itself in half (triangles facing in). you already have it!

The result is a rectangle with four ‘pockets’ where your fingers will go. It is held with both hands and the most comfortable way to open and close it is by placing the thumb and middle (or index) fingers of each hand in each hole. By moving them you will make the kite come to ‘life’ as if it were the mouth of a bird or chick (Hence the name?) And your grandchildren’s imagination will do the rest.

Where is grace?

Not only is it entertaining to do it, in addition, the pacifier, called by many a ‘fortune-teller’ has powers and can help you discover the secrets that you decide beforehand. Before shaping or once done, each of the triangles must have a number (You will have to have a total of 4 or 8) under which an answer will be saved (it can also be a secret message addressed to the grandson who wants to try his luck).

The game is that each child say a number, which will be the number of times that the kite carrier will have to move it. After the delicate operation, by magic a number or a color determined by chance will appear, which will correspond to one of the 4 – 8 answers that you will have previously written.

Ideas to guess possible mysteries there are many and you will have to think one that suits the age of the little ones. What will my pet be when I grow up? (It is worth making nonsense so that you laugh for a while if someone touches him, for example, an ant or an elephant ‘) In which city in the world will I live? What profession will I practice when I grow up? …

The imagination when decorating the kite can also give good times. The funniest are the drawings that create different geometric shapes when moved, but that is up to everyone. Is ingenious craft – game reawakens the interest of more than one child that you are sure to surprise.