How can you learn to play mus?

For someone who does not know it, the mus is a real mystery, but it is about a truly entertaining card game that demands maximum attention and a certain mischief and that, if you feel like it, you can learn.

To play mus you need a spanish deck (40 cards), four players, which will be divided into two pairs, and a series of pieces that allow «to count», the so-called moorings, which are the representation of the points that each player is acquiring.

Understanding the mechanism of this game is not easy because mus implies knowing a specific vocabulary and a language of gestures Very particular. They are the famous signs of the mus, basic to communicate without words with your partner and start playing.

Starting at the mus

You have two ways to begin to understand the mus. The first is carefully observe how a game unfolds, looking at the bets (stakes) that each player makes and also on their faces, to discover signs such as raising the eyebrows or twisting the lip, because each one has its meaning.

On the other hand, it is more than recommended, read some of the books written by true «mus professionals» for example: Ordago, by Jordi Briñol (Editorial Red Circle), or The Law of Mus by Manu Leguineche (Ed. Del Prado), an authentic manual for expert players.

mus (bigstock)

The Mus: as complicated as it is fun

A game of mus is won by the couple who manage to reach the hat trick, what is known as a «cow». To win the goal, you have to reach 30 points and to achieve them, the necessary hands will be played. In each of these hands you bet on the different sets, which are basically four: Big, Girl, Pairs and Game and the first thing you need to learn is what each of them consists of. In the bet to Big It is taken into account that the player who has a greater number of kings or cards with the number three (which in mus are equivalent to kings) will win; on GirlIt is the lowest cards, the «whistles» (aces and deuces) that give the victory; on Pairs duplexes (four equal cards or two pairs), half (three equal cards) or simple pairs come into play and, finally, in Play the numerical value of the cards is counted trying to reach 31.

The skill is in placing your bet in complicity with your partner and trying mislead the opposing couple. Each player makes their stake and, at the end of each goal, with their four sets, it will be time to discover the cards to find out which pair takes that first point of three, which will mean that the game has started on the right foot for them.

For many, mus is an art and if you want to discover it, you know: reading, observation and practice.