How can we avoid ice sheets in the freezer

Well be the one in our fridge or in a separate chest, the freezer, like any other appliance that we find in our kitchens, require an adequate maintenance. Above all, in this case, to avoid ice plating inside. Especially if they do not have a built-in system no frost to avoid it.

Why do the plates originate?

In any case, we must know that this can happen for several reasons. It is possible thatthe fan is not working properly what favors the formation of ice or that the humidity generated by the freezer condenses when it cools down. Frequent opening and closing of the appliance or not having it closed properly also contributes to this situation.

The problem is that if there is too much ice, the system does not work well and the food will not be refrigerated evenly. This ultimately affects these and their nutritional qualities. And at the same time the electricity consumption It is higher, since the appliance is forced to reach the correct temperature, and its useful life ends up being reduced.

Food in the freezer

What steps to take

So to prevent this from happening to us, we must be cautious and follow some basic guidelines.

  • As far as possible you have to try do not open it constantly so that the air that penetrates does not contact the walls and the humidity in them condenses, giving rise to the plates.
  • Food must be well placed Inside, the more disorder and chaos reigns, the worse it is for the distribution of cold and the proper functioning of the freezer, which in the end can favor ice.
  • We must ensure that the door has the adequate edge protection so that it closes hermetically. That is, the rubber that surrounds it must be in good condition, and not show deterioration in such a way that air can penetrate.
  • In addition, it is recommended defrost it every so often, it is best to do it once a year. To do this, you must empty it and foresee that for a few hours you will not have them active. You must unplug it and wait for all the ice to melt. The resulting water is absorbed with a cloth, paper or sponge. Once ready, you will have to connect it again to the electrical network and introduce all the products in order.