How can one register as a self-employed person after 60 years of age?

A self-employed person is a worker who he does it on his own, without being a salaried worker or depending on a single boss, to whom he has to answer every month. Using this type of work instead of being a common employee can be advantageous in terms of flexibility. However, the main problems arise when paying the Social Security fee, VAT payment, invoices, taxes, as well as customer relations and the non-payment of some of them.

A formula that is chosen by young entrepreneurs, or parents who see in this case a solution to be able to combine their professional and family life without being bound by a specific schedule. However, it is not exclusive to these, since there are older people who, reaching the end of their working life, become self-employed to complete the minimum contribution period that is necessary to access a contributory pension. It’s possible?

Self-employed at age 60: how to register for this special scheme

The answer to the previous question is yes, but one cannot register in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) just for the purpose of complete those years. In short, you must perform a work activity.

In other cases, this system is used to value the professional qualification of the person when he has lost his job for as many years as one more or more salaried employee. wants to redirect his career. And it is that those over 50 or 60 years old also bet on entrepreneurship or self-employment to give way to the experience accumulated over years as they remember from the National Federation of Associations of Self-Employed Workers (@autonomosata)

How can one register as a self-employed person after 60 years of age?

With this decision in mind, it is time to start the procedures to be part of this labor regime. Some procedures, requirements and bonuses that are similar to if it were a worker with 30 years less who set up a company. Therefore, the first thing is to know how to high for the first time thanks to these simple steps that they remember from Social Security (@inclusiongob).

At first you should go to the General Treasury of Social Security which is the competent body to register as a freelancer. But it is not the only public headquarters that has to be visited in this bureaucratic journey. It is also necessary to go to the corresponding delegation of the Tax agency, as well as the mutual chosen who will be in charge of covering common and professional contingencies.

Thus, in the first case, the affiliation number will be provided if it is not available and it becomes part of the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers. In this request you must add if you register (not in all cases) a new company so that it has an identification code associated with it.

At the headquarters of the hacienda corresponding to each province, registration will be made in the census of entrepreneurs. In addition, there will be indicated the information related to the payment of the tax to which the self-employed person is obliged, especially in relation to the Quarterly and annual VAT. In some cases, these procedures also include going to the town hall of the town where the tax domicile is located to register in the registry of the so-called Economic Activities Tax.

Most of the procedures, those that have to be done with Social Security, can be carried out by via telematics. What is mandatory is that all the procedures related to membership, contribution and collection of fees are carried out online. In addition, in this digital space are all the notifications and communications made by the public entity to the person.

How can one register as a self-employed person after 60 years of age?

The flat rate when paying the monthly fee

How much is paid each month with the freelance fee? It is the star question when a person decides to take advantage of this specific work regime. For some years now, what is known as the flat rate (to which those over 60 can also apply) which represents a reduction (the first two years) of what must be paid for that activity. That is to say, the totality would not be paid at once (something more than 280 euros) for basic coverage.

With the new regulation change, during the First 12 months of the 24 60 euros are charged every 30 days as long as it is quoted for the minimum base. From that date other discount percentages apply. However, there are autonomous communities such as Andalusia or Madrid that still extend a time plus said advantage for the self-employed pocket. In this sense, the governments of the Canary Islands and Castilla y León have committed to following the same trail.

But, to access this bonus it is necessary to comply some conditions:

  • Not having been registered as a self-employed person in the last 2 years. If you have enjoyed the benefit a long time ago, you will have to wait 3 years to request it again.
  • You cannot be an administrator of a company or a self-employed collaborator.
  • Nor can it be requested if you are a salaried worker on the one hand and also self-employed.
  • If they have debts With the Social Security or the Treasury it is not possible either.