How can I watch Netflix on a traditional television?

What Netflix has completely changed the rules of the game it is no secret. The streaming platform for movies, series and musicals most important in the world has positioned itself as one of our greatest sources of entertainment. However, it has been precisely the growth it has obtained in a country like Spain, which has led to an increasing number of people interested in enjoying its content on television.

What started out as a mobile phone application increasingly requires larger and better quality screens to elevate the experience to a higher level. If you are also wondering how you can watch Netflix on your TV, but you don’t have a smart one, don’t worry. In this article we show you how can you watch Netflix on your conventional television. You are ready?

How to enjoy Netflix on my traditional television?

– Chromecast

Chromecast is probably the most popular solution to be able to enjoy Netflix on a non-smart TV. Its use is very simple, it is enough to connect this small accessory directly to the television, through its HDMI connection.

Once connected, and from a very simple configuration, through your smartphone you will be able to send all the content you want from the application installed on the mobile phone to the TV. And all without cables in between

– Amazon Fire Stick

The difference between Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick lies in their nature. Just as Chromecast serves only to send the content of our device, Amazon Fire Stick is capable of acting independently. It connects to the television through the HDMI port and, thanks to its WiFi connection with our network, it even has its own application store.

Once installed, just download the Netflix application and you can now enjoy Netflix on your traditional television.

– The traditional option, an HDMI cable

It is the simplest and most practical option, especially if you do not want to go through any type of installation. An HDMI cable that connects your computer with your television will be enough for you can view all the content of your PC on the big screen. You will only have to access the Netflix page from your conventional browser and all the content of the streaming platform will be at your fingertips.

As can be seen. watching Netflix on a television that is not a smart tv is extremely easy.