How can I remove the closed smell from my closet?

On many occasions we find clothes that when we put them on we smell a little strange. It can be a musty, woody smell, or just a musty smell. And it is that in the closets we have shoes, bags, sportswear, pajamas and clothes that we keep in one go without previously ventilating. In addition, some moisture may appear or we may have stored clothes that are still damp. All this causes a particular smell to form and, in some cases, not very pleasant with which it is difficult to fight. In this article we are going to try to give you some keys to end them and that when you open your closet it smells good.

  • Lavender: without a doubt it is another of the star air freshener products. Bags with this aromatic plant are a very effective way to neutralize odors.
How can I remove the musty smell from my closet?
  • Rice: It is a food that can eliminate bad odors, especially the smell of humidity. It is a home remedy widely used by our grandmothers and it works.
  • Cotton and fabric softener: Try soaking several cotton balls in fabric softener and leaving them in the closet to give off a good smell.
  • Bar of soap: Put a bar of soap in a cloth bag to make a homemade air freshener.
  • Coffee: It is a very powerful food to eliminate bad odors. Introduce a cup with a little ground coffee and you will see its power to absorb bad smells.
How can I remove the musty smell from my closet?
  • Tea bags: they give off a very good smell and are a very inexpensive and effective home air freshener.
  • Salt: it is a good product to absorb moisture. We can put some on a plate in the closet and let it act for a few days. You need to change it frequently to keep it working.
How can I remove the closed smell from my closet?
  • Sodium bicarbonate: It is a product widely used in household cleaning. To eliminate bad odors it is also excellent both in the cupboards and in the refrigerator or the bathroom. Fill a cloth bag and place it in one of the corners of the closet or sprinkle the product around the closet and remove it after several days.
  • Lemon or white vinegar: soak a cloth in water with lemon or white vinegar to clean the closet and eliminate bad odors. Let it dry well before putting the clothes on.
How can I remove the closed smell from my closet?

The way you store your clothes is very important. Avoid keeping it very compressed so that it breathes and does not accumulate a bad smell. Shoes should be in a separate area from clothing to avoid mixing odors.

By following these tips you will surely make your clothes and your wardrobe smell clean.