How can I order the TV channels?

With the arrival of DTT there are so many TV channels that it is almost mandatory to order them logically to get to the channel we want to see most urgently as soon as possible.

Although the order of the channel list is predefined by the broadcast provider, luckily today you can manually sort channels from the tv very easily and quickly with the remote control. This will allow you group your favorite channels and always have the ones that interest you most at hand. According to him Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism These are the steps to follow to order the channels of your television with the remote control, since it is one of the biggest headaches we have with a new television. Of course, they are general and each device has its own characteristics.

Remote control (bigstockphoto)

General steps

  1. Turn on the television and, if applicable, also the DTT receiver and press the Menu key on your remote control.
  2. Different options will appear on the TV screen depending on the model of your receiver.
  3. Scroll through the screen, using the arrow keys, until you are on the option to sort channels (in some models you can find alternative names such as organizing channels, etc.)
  4. Then press the OK key.
  5. At this time new options will appear. Situate yourself, using the arrow buttons, on the so-called modify or similar.
  6. Depending on the model of your receiver, you will again have several options: skip channels, move channels, lock channels, etc. Select, scrolling with the arrows, move channels and press OK.
  7. At this time, the list of all channels tuned in the current order will appear on the screen. To change the order of a certain channel, hover over it and press OK. Once you have selected the channel you want to move, scroll it with the arrow keys until you reach the desired place and press the OK key to confirm the change.
  8. If at any time you make a mistake when selecting an option, you can go back or start the process again by pressing the corresponding key depending on the model of your receiver.

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