How can I hang furniture on a plasterboard wall?

Due to the doubtful resistance they have to the naked eye, plasterboard walls are always a mystery when we are faced with the mission of hanging furniture on them. Following a few precautions, you can hang any object you can think of, however heavy it is.

Pay attention to installation

The first thing to do when working on plasterboard is to measure the depth of the partition. In most cases, This information can be provided to us by the company that has carried out the construction. However, if you no longer have contact with her, or have just arrived at your new apartment, there are other options to find out. In cases where there are vents in a wall, it is as simple as remove the cover of these and measure the depth of the same with a meter. If you don’t have any, try drilling the wall with a drill and a very fine bit, which is practically imperceptible to anyone’s eyes.

Insert a wire and make sure it touches the bottom. Once you touch the end of the wall with the wire, make a mark and remove it so you can measure it. The importance of this is due to the fact that the fixing system to be carried outIn order to guarantee safety, it must be the same size as the thickness of the partition. Once you have measured the depth of the partition, you will only have to drill to be able to fix the special plasterboard plug on the wall.

How can I hang furniture on a plasterboard wall?  (big stock)

The load must be distributed

When working on plasterboard, we must bear in mind that the load that we want to hang on the wall must be distributed. Depending on the weight, we will need a number or another of fasteners. If the object that you are going to hang on the wall is going to be manipulated, such as, for example, it could be a towel rack, you need to buy specific accessories for plasterboard walls. One of the most efficient are the metallic umbrella-type studs. However, if it is not going to be manipulated, such as, for example, a piece of furniture, It is convenient to distribute the weight of this in a multitude of grip points.