How can I get waves without heat?

Having our hair arranged raises our self-esteem and spirits by looking more handsome. Now that dates are coming when we all want to show our best image to family and friends, take note of some hairdressing tips so that your hair looks radiant and stylish, in a natural and economical way.

Those people who have curly hair have always wanted to have it straight and on the contrary, those who have it straight always want it curly or, at least, with waves. Well, if you are in the second group, do not despair, there are some tricks to get wavy hair for a few hours. Don’t you have time to go to the hairdresser? Don’t worry, you can do it at home. What do you not have hair straighteners? It’s not a problem either, our tricks to make curls and waves are without heat.

  • Flat tweezers: try to take a lock of hair and roll it around itself holding it with the tweezers. The size of the loop will depend on the thickness and amount of hair you pick up. The smaller the loop, the stronger the wave will be. Do this on wet hair and let it dry completely. Then remove the tweezers and move your head upside down.
  • Braids: with damp hair make a braid. The smaller and finer the braids, the more waves you will have. If you make less braids, but more voluminous, you will get a softer highlight.
How can I get waves without heat?
  • Rollers: in this case you can help yourself with the traditional curlers or rolls of toilet paper. It is simply a matter of screwing strands into the cardboard with the help of tweezers. We will leave it to act overnight and the next morning we will have hair with incredible volume.
  • Shirt: Place a stretched T-shirt on a table and then lie on your stomach with your hair stretched out over it. Next, make a roll of the shirt with the hair until it reaches the neck area. Finally, tie a knot in the sleeves and leave it overnight.
  • Bows: Choose locks more or less wide depending on how open or closed you want the waves, twist them on themselves and hold them to the head with bobby pins. Next, apply a little hairspray and after 30 minutes you will have your hair full of waves.
  • Sock: Take a strand, put it over a stretched sock and roll it into a roll. You will be able to curl your hair without heat.
How can I get waves without heat?

A few months ago a trick went viral that, although it uses the heat of the dryer, is very simple and inexpensive to do at home and that is why we want to mention it to you. It involves making curls with a plastic bottle. To do this, take a plastic bottle and poke a hole in one side of the bottle. Insert a lock of hair into the bottle through the nozzle. Place the dryer in the side hole and activate it, you will see how you get some curls quickly.

Our advice to make your waves last longer is that, in the event that you are going to do any of these tricks with wet hair, previously apply curl foam. Also, once the hair is dry and you have the waves, add a little hairspray to fix it better and make it last longer.