How can I find out my Social Security number?

You may have to dip into this one day code (for example, to make the Income Declaration). We refer to Social Security number which serves to identify a person in all those bureaucratic relationships that they have with this and other public entities as recalled from the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security (@empleogob).

What is and what is the Social Security number for?

Every person who is born has from that moment a specific Social Security number. And for this, their parents have discharged that newborn so that, from that moment, it can be beneficiary and user of the National Health System (@sanitygob). That figure will become, over the years, what is known as Affiliation number when start working, sign a contract and your name appears as registered in that public system.

If it has never been worked on, it continues with that initial number. Namely, we are all entitled to that number regardless of whether we have performed any professional activity or not.

How can I find out my social security number?

In short, we are talking about an identifying symbol that is mandatory, remains for the lifetime of that person (does not change over time) and is unique to each user. In addition, this code is also assigned to beneficiaries of pensions or other types of benefits granted by Social Security.

In total there are 9 digits grouped into 3 sections so to speak. The first two numbers correspond to the province where it has been assigned, followed by the unique sequential number for each person and, finally, the two control codes. If the health card also includes the final Letter B, that means that person receives medical attention as a beneficiary. This is the case of a spouse who has no income or children who do not work.

How can I find out my social security number?

Don’t you remember your identification number?

It’s simple. Here we help you remember this group of numbers in case you you need to do some kind of procedure:

  • Take out your health card from the wallet and turn it over. You will see that the letters SS appear on that back, followed by a set of numbers. But look only at the ones in italics since those are the ones you need, not the rest.
  • Even if you are no longer working, you may have been ordered during all your active years and saved each and every one of the payroll that they gave you. There you can also discover your identification code: at the top of said document; as well as in your employment contract. In addition, this Social Security number also appears in the resolution when an unemployment benefit is received.
  • You may also have some prescription recent. It is another way to find out that number since it is also recorded on this paper.
  • But if you don’t have a payroll, a prescription or a health card at hand, you can always remember that number in a very simple way: by asking. Something you can do if You go to a health center and show them your ID or you call Social Security and give the same information (as well as your name and surname). In the latter case, they will grant you an appointment to go to one of their offices and they will give you that confidential and personal information again.
  • Have you received a summary of your Laboral life to home? Well. This unique identification is also reflected in this set of sheets that are sent annually.
  • If you have some knack when it comes to doing paperwork and paperwork via on-line, you can access the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security Through the Duplicate Membership Document Service via SMS. Of course, for this to work, the Social Security Treasury (@info_TGSS) must have previously registered your phone number to know that personal registration code.
  • And if you have a digital certificate, you can obtain this information by entering the same web service offered by the Public Administration.

What if I want to make a change or cancel it?

Once we have figured out how you can recover that Social Security identification number, you may be interested in doing another type of management related to this numerical code. We also help you in these cases:

  • If I need change some of the data associated with that figure? In this situation, it is best to go to a headquarters of the General Treasury Administration of Social Security. You present your ID and all the pertinent documentation to those modifications that you wish to make. There you should fill in a form to update that data, sign it and send it to the Provincial Directorate of the General Treasury of Social Security that corresponds to you according to your place of residence.
  • I want to cancel a Social Security affiliation number. It can be done? Yes, if we talk about one person who has passed away. The same as in the previous case. You must process this withdrawal in a dependency of this public body or by calling 901 50 20 50 to be informed of all the steps to follow.
  • An annulment that can also be carried out from the Administration itself if they detect that that number has been granted without you being entitled to it. For example, if there has been a document falsification or someone else’s identity has been impersonated.