How can I completely insulate my windows from the cold?


While it is true that the best way to completely insulate a window from the cold is replace it with a completely new oneYou have to know that there are different steps that we can go through before making the complete change and facing the subsequent payment.

Check the condition of the weatherstripping

Weatherstripping are those small pieces of PVC that are placed on the edge of windows and have one main purpose: isolate as much as possible from both cold and noise. It is convenient that they are always in the best possible condition so that they can perform their function correctly. To do this, periodically check that they do not have any holes in which the air can filter, as well as that do not present any type of breakage.

Thermal curtains

When it comes to isolating ourselves from the cold, curtains play a key role. And without they are thermal, even more. Depending on the material with which they are made and the thickness of the same, we can obtain the best results for colder climates. Of course, it is important that we make sure of the measurements, since they will only have the desired effect if they occupy the entire surface of the window.

Check frame cracks

In the cracks in the frame we can find the key to why the window is not protecting us from the cold as it should. Especially in old windows, it is normal for small cracks to appear around the frame, causing heat loss.

A short-term remedy may be to isolate these small cracks using products such as polyurethane foam. However, in the long term the normal thing will be that we have to completely change the windows, both the glass and the frame.

How to insulate windows from the cold

Window glass

Especially in cold areas, traditional crystals They do not have enough insulating capacity to protect us from low temperatures. When this happens, there are special glasses that allow us to increase the sealing of our windows. Based on double and triple insulating glass, you will be able to provide your home with the warmth you need.

Also check the blinds

It is rare that a home in Spain does not have blinds, whose box is also susceptible to carry cold air currents inside the house. For this reason, you may need to insulate this element with a material such as rock wool or expanded cork. Of course, you must be very careful when doing it, because shutter operation must remain optimal and this installation can harm it.

Do you know polystyrene?

This material is the most used when carrying out a exterior thermal insulation, which usually uses rigid plates that are fixed to the wall of a house or building. However, there are two very well differentiated types. On the one hand we have the extruded polystyrene, characterized by its ability to get wet without losing its properties insulators. In addition, it does not deteriorate or rot.

The other option is the expanded polystyrene, commonly known as polystyrene, which is more often used for insulate and cover floors and decks, due to its versatility and ease of forming. Thus, this material can act as a complement to prevent your house from getting cold in winter.

How to insulate windows from the cold

Other tips to keep your home warm

Although the windows are an element that must be checked if we notice our house too cold, it is not the only one that can contribute to this problem. As we have just seen, the insulation of walls and roof It is also an option that you should value. In fact, the latter causes 30% of heat losses, especially if it is a single-family home, a country house or even an attic. Under this premise, what other aspects should you take into account?

  • A trick that is usually very useful is place reflective panels behind radiators, as the heat bounces off them and is better distributed throughout the room.
  • In this sense, if you are thinking of installing radiators in your home, try that, as far as possible, these go under the windows, as this will prevent thermal imbalances caused by the air currents that cross them.
  • The decorative elements not only serve to make your home look more beautiful and comfortable, some can also help you raise a few degrees in winter. We talk about the thickest rugs or curtains, which keep the cold from the floor and windows away.
  • Did you know that wood is one of the most insulating materials that exist? To take advantage of this quality, you can always put wooden floors in your home to act as a thermal barrier and, in addition, as an acoustic insulator. This also applies to window and door frames.
  • A simple and equally effective gesture is to hold closed doors of unused roomsThis way the heat will be concentrated only where you are and you will prevent it from escaping.