How can I change my mobile phone company?

There are many factors that can make us want to change mobile companies. From a bad experience to the taking advantage of new offers. However, if you do not want to lose your phone number, it is important that you know that it is a very simple management to carry out.

More than half a million lines changed operators in January

According to data from the National Commission of Markets and Competition, this past january a total of 669,227 lines changed operator. In the same period in 2016, a total of 486,701 did so, so the number is increasing. A progression that identifies a clear trend: more and more users change companies in search of better conditions, both in services and rates.

It is important that you know that, as a user of a mobile line, the retention of the telephone number is a right that comes legislated from the European Union. Therefore, the well-known portability process, which is the procedure by which we change our company line while maintaining the same telephone number, is included in the EU legal framework.

The beginning of the procedures

Although a few years ago This procedure could be extended in time for two weeks, currently it is possible to have it effective in just 48 hours. To start it, all you have to do is go to the company you want to change to and request the start of the portability process. It is possible to do it both in person, in the physical stores of said company, as well as through its website. And all we have to do is fill in the contract with our personal data. It will be your new company that takes care of carry out all the procedures related to this process.

If you do it in a physical store, the new operator will provide you with the company’s SIM card on the spot, which will be activated on the day the portability is carried out. If you do it online, you have to wait for the card to arrive in the mail. That in no case will it be after the change of operator has been made. As long as portability lasts, it is possible that the day your line becomes effective it will be suspended for a few hours. However, it is always done at dawn, to cause the minimum possible inconvenience to the user.

Beware of permanence contracts

It is important that you inform yourself well of which permanence contracts you have active at the time of changing the operator. If you have a mobile paid in installments or have accessed a promotion in your previous operator, it is usual that you have to face the remaining fees, plus a penalty for breaking the contract early. This amount will be automatically charged to your next invoice and, in most cases, you will be notified by your current company before making the change of number effective.