How can I buy airline tickets online?

Flying is an activity that many love and others fear, but one that is key to reaching distant destinations. Given the number of web pages that exist on the internet, It can be easy to get lost when you’re looking for the flight you need.

If you are already thinking about your next vacation, then we leave you some of the best websites to buy your plane tickets at the best price.


Skyscanner It is one of the most recognized pages to buy airline tickets. In addition, it does not only offer us flight options, but we can also buy combined flight + hotel offers.

One of the most positive parts of the page (and application) is that allows us to identify at first which are the cheapest destinations according to the month in which we are. Your mobile application allows us book flights from anywhere in the world, with the only condition of having an internet connection on our device.


Among the main characteristics of eDreams It is found that it allows adding a third destination, with the ability to reserve them all at once. The page has a flight comparator to select a large number of attributes, with which guarantee that you are at the best price.

How can I buy airline tickets online?  (big stock)


Like the previous ones, Kayak not only compares the prices of airline tickets, but also allows us to find solutions for flight + hotel at the best price. Navigation in it is very simple and intuitive and you will be able to know the most popular destinations attending to your current location.

If you already have the destination set, you have the possibility of registering on the website to be able to track the evolution of all prices. As an aspect to highlight, if you are looking for flights to make a stopover in different destinations, you have the option of searching for multi-routes, with stop in different cities.


Imagine going anywhere in the world without having any kind of destination set. Momondo offers you the solutions that will best suit your budget. You will only have to be clear about the point of origin and the days you want to travel, the rest will be handled by the website itself. As in the previous case, you can track the evolution of prices in order to find the cheapest ticket at the perfect time.