How can I buy a train ticket online?

Just as on the internet we can find different pages to buy a plane ticket, when we have to travel by train the situation is somewhat different.
In Spain, RENFE is the main and only operator that offers its services through the Railway Network. Therefore, we are going to detail you step by step How is the purchase process of a train ticket through its website.

How can I buy a train ticket online?  (big stock)

Select your trip details

The first step we have to take is to go to your Web page. It is important that we do it from a compatible browser. Although it accepts most of those that we can use in our day to day, the page is better adapted to browsers such Google Chrome or Safari.

In cases where you visit the web from your mobile. Not all functionalities are available, regardless of the browser used, so the steps may not be exactly the same.

Once you have chosen both the origin and the destination, you have to select the travel dates. Choose when you plan to make the trip. Do not worry if you still do not have closed dates, since in the next step you can modify the days both forwards and backwards. Afterwards, select whether you want to travel in the morning, in the afternoon or at night. And then how many people are you going to travel?

Do you have a gold card?

In cases where you have a gold card, this is the moment when you must insert it. When you have already filled in all this information, select the «buy» button. Do not worry, you are not going to do any banking costs yet.

The next screen you are going to see is the one where the prices appear. Both going, first, and back. These prices are not all that exist, but they are the best rates. But you can go to the drop-down on the right, on the button where the plus symbol appears, to see all the options you have available for each rate.

Last step, the traveler’s information

Once you have selected the departure time and the return time. The only thing left to do is fill in your details. In this step, as you enter them, suggestions will appear right in the same block in which you are writing. Due to the configuration that the page has, select the name in that attribute list. It is the only way to validate your personal data and let you make the purchase.

Once you have selected the payment method, which is at the bottom of the page, you can see the summary of the trip on the right side of the web. If everything seems fine to you, click on the «Buy» button. In this step, the bank charge will be made.

Depending on your bank, you may see a pop-up window. In it, they will inform you that they have sent a message to your mobile phone with a code, in order for you to verify that you are the owner of that account number. You only have to put the code that has come to the phone in that space.

If you want to have the tickets on your mobile, once you have completed the purchase, select the option «Send Passbook format ticket to my phone». Remember that if you have the ticket in your terminal, you do not need to print it.