How can I apply for the Barcelona Metropolitan Pink Card?

If you are over 60 years old, have a disability equal to or greater than 33% accredited, and few financial resources, you can request the so-called Pink card. An identification of a social nature launched by the city council (@bcn_ajuntament) to offer a whole series of advantages and facilities to the groups mentioned above.

Something that they already enjoy, in the words of the municipal entity itself, about 250,000 people. Some users who have discounts in the use of Public transportation, both in the city and in the metropolitan area, as well as in more than a thousand establishments, services and products of interest to citizens and that are attached to this local program.

That is, the accreditation can be used in the leisure field (theaters, museums, cinemas, bookstores …), health (optical services, dentistry, physiotherapy …), beauty (hairdressers and beauty centers), as well as in the sports sector in both public and private spaces. This is just a sample of the versatility of the Pink Card.

How can I apply for the Barcelona Metropolitan Pink Card?

In addition, thanks to this card, beneficiaries can travel for free, also with a cheaper rate, in the public transport services of TMJ zone 1 (@ATMbcn), the Railways of the Generalitat of Catalonia (@FGC) in the area that corresponds to the first metropolitan area, the Metro (@TMB_Barcelona), the tramway (@TRAM_Barcelona), the Trambresós or the Funicular de Montjuïc.

But here is not the thing as far as good news is concerned. Thanks to this card, those over 60 years of age, those who have a recognized disability of that percentage or have few resources can also choose to:

  • Fiscal benefits at the time of registering a companion animal in the municipal registers or paying the fee in case of adopting a pet.
  • Discounts on numerous courses and workshops.
  • If the requirements established by the Imserso are met, you can participate in subsidized travel by the council of the city.

What steps must be followed to have this card?

The first of all is to know that this card can only be accessed by people from the aforementioned groups who are registered in Barcelona. Regarding the economic scale to determine these low resources, the city council establishes that these barely exceed the 8,200 euros per year, if that family unit has a single member or up to four people with a maximum of 33,086 euros after 12 months. In those cases, the card has no cost.

Once the parameters are met, the file or application to get the Pink Card is started:

  • You can do the procedure via on-line or also in a way face-to-face. In the latter case, a letter is received at home, which includes an application that must be completed and signed (also the spouse if applicable). Once this is done, it is sent by ordinary mail or presented at any Citizen Attention Office of the Barcelona town hall. In these same dependencies you can get the application if you have not arrived home.
  • Then the town hall will hand deliver to each holder the card at your home address.

If over time that person wants to cancel this card, modify some data or change the name of the owner of the same, you can also do it without any problem. For example, for the first procedure it is enough to call the free telephone number of the Pink Card and request said resignation. It can be done at any time and it is not necessary to provide any type of documentation or just cause to unsubscribe from the service.

Also by telephone it is possible to request the replacement of some incorrect data in the name or surnames. For example, if there is an error in the municipal register or if that person has changed sex. In this second case, it can only be done when your ID is already renewed with the new name, but on both occasions it will be necessary to provide an identity document along with the signed form.

How can I apply for the Barcelona Metropolitan Pink Card?

And the White Card?

The Barcelona city council also offers the so-called White card, which is used so that its owner, if it has severe mobility difficulties, you can order door-to-door service from special public transport. Thus, it may be requested by any person who meets this requirement and is, in addition, registered in the city.

A card that has no age distinction and that, in the event that it is for minors (from 4 years old), it will be requested by the parents or legal representatives. Processing, in person, by telephone or online, does not require much complexity and is summarized in the following steps:

  • Fill in the specific instance for the procedure and attach it to the rest of the pertinent documentation in this case, that is, the one that confirms that it exceeds the reduced mobility scale.
  • The Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities is the public body in charge of send by post the card to the holder’s address.
  • The deadline for the resolution of this procedure is approximately four months, and once that citizen has the accreditation at home, they can use it indefinitely. Except that the disability assessment be provisional.
  • This municipal application is free, but not the price of the transport service that is requested (microbus or taxi). In both cases, the White Card holder can go with a companion provided that the former has a metropolitan pass for the latter.