How and what is it possible to report online

If we want to file a complaint today, it is not necessary for us to approach a Civil Guard barracks or a Police station. It is enough for us to follow the steps indicated on the web pages of both security forces. However, before proceeding we must be clear about what a complaint is and what can be the object of this action through the internet.

Initial aspects

In the first place, when it is reported, we are informing the relevant authorities that someone has committed an act that is against the law. It is information that is provided so that the security forces are aware of it.

There are different ways to make these complaints. One of them is through the internet. However, there are some that cannot be done by this method. The National Police specifies, for example, that on its website that you cannot report events in which there has been physical violence or intimidation or also sexual violencel. Similarly, if the person who committed the act is an acquaintance or can recognize us, it is better to go to the offices or if it is known that there are witnesses who have seen the crime. If we are also witnessing at the same time the criminal act such as a robbery, we must contact immediately through 091 or 112.

Similarly, you cannot file a report online. a minor or if you have an intellectual or physical disability. This last point is specified on the Civil Guard website, where, in addition to the cases mentioned above, other limits are set, such as if there has been a previous police intervention or if it has occurred in buildings, broken windows, doors, walls, etc.

Searching the internet

How to report

Once we are clear about this, the process is very simple. If we want to make a complaint to the National Police we have to go to their website through this link. Once we read what they tell us on this initial page, we click to continue and it appears a list of criminal acts that can be reported through this method. After choosing one, you have to follow the steps and fill in all the fields, until the process is complete. We will be able to indicate in which police station the complaint can be formalized.

In the event that we wish to formalize it in the Civil Guard, it must be done through the section of your website for it. First we will see some generic information that should be read and then we have to click on “Presentation e-complaint”. As in the previous case, a list of acts that can be reported electronically will appear. We have to select what we are going to declare and then we will have to fill in the forms that appear.