Homemade tricks to clean a fabric sofa

It has always been said that the queen of the house (in terms of furniture) is the bed and that the king is … the couch. A well deserved position if we consider that Spaniards spend an average of five hours a day in front of the television, a figure that surely has increased in recent months due to the lockdown. And that’s not to mention that we don’t just use the sofa to watch television; that’s where we read, talk on the phone, or take a nap. For being one of the most used furniture in the house, it is normal that, over time, it becomes stained and smells, especially if it is made of fabric. Today we will show you some tricks to clean your fabric sofa and neutralize odors easily and without taking up too much time.

First of all, we recommend thoroughly clean the sofa every six months. Even if you don’t see it dirty, think that Mites they accumulate in every nook and cranny. Therefore, as part of the cleaning process, the first thing you should do is breathe it inThis is how you eliminate dust, mites or hair from your pets. Once vacuumed, you have to take into account how the sofa and the fabric are to clean it in one way or another. For example, if it is removable, it is best to remove the covers and wash them according to the instructions on the label.

Homemade tricks to clean a fabric sofa

Vinegar and bicarbonate, an effective solution

Never apply vinegar directly to the fabric. What to do is prepare a liter of warm water and add a glass of vinegar and a teaspoon of bicarbonate to it. Take a cloth that does not stain, moisten it and do circular motions over the spots from the sofa. Then you will have to go over the entire sofa so that no differences are seen. Instead of vinegar, you can also add the juice of a lemon; it is equally effective.

Another trick you can use is alcohol (the one we have at home for wounds, 96 °). You add it in a sprayer and apply it carefully over the entire surface. Then you go over it with a soft brush and you end up drying everything with a clean cloth. In case you have grease stains, apply directly the bicarbonate on them and wait for it to act absorbing the fat. If what you have are coffee or wine stains, you can clean them (better if you haven’t let them dry) with granulated salt or a little lemon. Finally, if what you have is a anti-stain sofa, do not trust: they also have to be cleaned, although in this case it will only be necessary a cloth dipped in water. It’s that easy and fast!