Homemade masks to hydrate the skin and prevent wrinkles

Extreme temperatures are a great enemy for our skin. After the summer, our skin looks good color, but often with lack of shine or hydration. The same happens when the cold arrives, the dryness becomes more evident, causing discomfort to the skin and an unsightly image.

On many occasions, the first thing we must do to improve the appearance of our skin is to change certain habits.

Drinking water is undoubtedly the best action to hydrate ourselves inside and out. World Health Organization (WHO) In this sense, it recommends about eight glasses of water daily. If we add to this a reasonable intake of fruits and vegetables, our skin will look hydrated and nourished.

Also, if you are one of those who make up daily, remember the importance of a facial cleansing routine so that the pores breathe and are oxygenated. Choose a good makeup remover cream, a toner and finish with a moisturizing cream adapted to your skin type.

Learn how to make these homemade masks (Bigstock)

But if you carry out these routines and your face still needs a good dose of hydration, there are some home remediess with food as the basis of its preparation with which to promote it.

The star product in Spanish cuisine is oil and for our face it can also be miraculous since, according to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, contains vitamin E and K and antioxidants. If we apply this food on our skin we will gain hydration, nutrition and elasticity, also helping to reduce spots and wrinkles. As it is a greasy product, it is recommended to apply it at night, with a gentle massage and removing the excess product with a cotton ball.

If we add two egg yolks and a little lemon juice to the oil, we will obtain a perfect cream to take care of dry skin.

Another food rich in healthy fats that will help us keep our face hydrated is avocado. In addition to helping us fight wrinkles and dehydration, it helps prevent the appearance of gray hair.

Surely you have seen already prepared avocado-based masks many times, but if you dare, preparing one at home is quite simple. You simply have to mash an avocado, half a banana and half a cup of milk. Let it act for 25 minutes and remove it with cold water. You will get a perfect creamy mask for your face.

The union of foods such as lemon and sugar They are also ideal for the skin, as it helps us eliminate dead cells. After a gentle massage, leave this mixture to act for 10 or 15 minutes and remove it with water.

Honey, also known as Aphrodite nectar, is another food with great health benefits that you can apply directly to the face as a cream. It will help us to soften and soothe skin irritations caused by dryness.

And finally, we have to talk about the milk. It is one of the most used products in cosmetics and has already been used since ancient times, let them tell if not Cleopatra. And is that the milk provides hydration, reduces pores and also has a great soothing and cleansing function. Simply by mixing two tablespoons of powdered milk, one of honey and two of water, you will obtain a revitalizing mask to achieve a radiant face.

As you will see, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to hydrate our skin, simply with healthy habits and some foods easy to find in our pantry or refrigerator, we have it solved. Of course, remember that nothing is miraculous and to obtain results you have to be constant.