Homemade hairstyles to spend Christmas at home

Days come when we like to feel beautiful and special by wearing our best clothes with family and friends. However, we do not always have time to go to the hairdresser or simply, you are one of those who prefers to touch up at home. In that case, we have some very simple and elegant hairstyles that you will surprise everyone with.

Collected hair

If you are one of those who prefer to wear your hair up because it bothers you to wear it loose or it makes you hot or you think it is more manageable, there are several options for you, in addition, we have to tell you that A pick up, it is always a success in terms of elegance and simplicity.. It is the hairstyle of the stars.

There are several ways to collect our hair. The first of it is the classic ponytail or ponytail. We can take it from casual with some loose strands, to totally collected and impeccable. In the case of the first option, you should be careful, since, although it seems done without thinking, professionals take a lot of time to make them perfect. This option is very much in line with one of the trends this year: fresh and freshly raised hair. To do it well, you can first comb the hair, turn the head upside down so that it takes on volume and then, with the help of your fingers, pick up the hair, marking it. You can help yourself with a wide barbed comb (those used for curly hair). If you want to mark your ponytail, You can make some braids the night before and when you take them off the next day to make the tail you will have a volume and a ponytail movement worthy of any beauty salon.

Homemade hairstyles to spend Christmas at home Photo: bigstock

On the contrary, in the case of a perfect tail, you can do it by helping yourself with a little foam, gel or fixative.

In both cases, remember that the higher we put the ponytail, the younger we will appear since it will make an effect lifting and if it’s light-hearted, you’ll look even younger.

Another way to collect our hair is with braids, for sure one of the trends of this year. You can make it woven or just with the final part of the hair in case you have it long. To make it easier, we recommend that you do not do them with freshly washed hair since, otherwise, the strands will come out and the result will not be very good.

Another trend are those collected with the classic bows. But nothing casual, they have to be firm and perfect. Will create a sensation of shine and cleanliness in our face. Try adding some glitter fantasy, pearls, pins, brooches, headband, flowers, etc.


If you prefer to wear your hair down, but not much, this option is the best. You can do it carefree or not. For the first, you can pick up a few strands from the top of your hair by casually binding them all behind with a bobby pin. Finally apply a little fixer so that it does not fall off.

In the case of a more chic and very rejuvenating semi-updo We recommend that you gather the upper half of the hair from the ear and comb it well. Then pick it up with a very smooth rubber band and plump it up so that volume appears at the front.

Homemade hairstyles to spend Christmas at home Photo: bigstock

Loose hair

A healthy and beautiful hair deserves to be lucid. Therefore, leave it loose, yes, well combed. Try with tweezers, braids or curlers if you want to create perfect waves or try one of our tricks to make waves without heat.

If, on the other hand, you prefer an impeccable smooth, help yourself with the irons or dryer to smooth it.

We hope that, with these tricks, you will shine this Christmas.