Home WiFi repeaters: we discover what they are and how they work

They have become an indisputable part of many homes, especially if they have an internet connection. We refer to WiFi repeaters, a network device that plugs into a socket and whose function is to expand the reach of that connection wirelessly or by cable to various rooms in the house. Something really useful in the case of those corners of our house where the sign of the router is weaker.

These devices can be used both for inside and outside of your home, depending on the location you want to give it, and can be classified according to the wireless band with which it works (from 2.4 Ghz to 5Ghz) or its power to reach a greater reach.

WiFi repeaters, we will discover what they are and how they work

Features, pros and cons of a WiFi repeater

Best of all, its handling it is not complicated at all, since it is enough to turn them on and perform a synchronization with router that we already have installed in our house. Another of its advantages is its economic price. You can find models of home WiFi repeaters by less than 100 euros with extensive benefits.

The only downside of this type of electronic device is that, although its scope is broader than a router conventional, it is not that it is unlimited, so it is best avoid placing it at a very great distance of the place where we want to enjoy the internet with good quality and connection speed.

Thus, when locating it in your home, make sure that at that point you get a good signal from router, in order to be able to enlarge it correctly. But be careful with using several close repeaters each other, as it is possible that interference between them, with what the performance of the internet band will be affected.

How is it working?

This type of WiFi signal repeaters are made up of two wireless routers who are responsible for its simple operation. Thus, while one of them is in charge of collecting that internet signal that you already have in your house, the second has the task of (once received that signal) transmitting it to the rest of the house with greater power and range.