Home remedies to remove musty odor from wooden furniture

Wood is porous and therefore is a material that absorbs moisture, air and odors from its surroundings. Thus, if our furniture has accumulated humidity where it is located or if it is old, it can have a very unpleasant smell that is difficult to eliminate if we simply ventilate the rooms. What’s more, Moisture can end up causing the appearance of mold that will end up damaging the furniture without forgetting that, if the humidity is inside the cabinets, its stench can even be transferred to the clothes. In this situation, it is convenient to tackle the problem and find solutions that help us to recover our furniture. Luckily, there are different practical and easy-to-apply remedies to achieve this.

With baking soda

Methods to remove musty odor from wooden furniture

As always, baking soda comes to our aid to solve almost any problem we have in our home that involves ending bad odors or cleaning any surface or space. This time, We will have to dissolve six tablespoons of baking soda in a bucket of cold and clean water. Next, with a soft brush that we will have dipped in the bucket, we will go over the entire furniture, both inside and out, without forgetting any corner. To finish, we will remove any remaining bicarbonate, with a cloth dampened with clean water.

Y Another way to use baking soda to remove moisture from furniture is to first spray the furniture with a mixture of water and vinegar. (5 parts of water for each one of vinegar), then we will dry it with a cloth or better, if possible, we will let the furniture dry in the sun. Next, we will put baking soda powder all over the furniture to be treated and we will let it act overnight. The next day, we will aspirate the bicarbonate.

Methods to remove musty odor from wooden furniture

Coffee is also a good alternative to try to eliminate the musty smell in closed places, such as closets or drawers. The remedy works by leaving dry, ground coffee in a container inside the cabinet with a musty smell problem. We will keep it closed for at least a whole day (Do not open it during that time). If after a day, we notice that we have not completely eliminated the musty smell, we can renew the coffee and leave it to act for more hours until the desired results are obtained. By the way, we can apply the same method by using charcoal instead of coffee.

With white vinegar

Methods to remove musty odor from wooden furniture

It can also be our ally to end the musty stink of our furniture. We just have to pour vinegar into a cup and put it in the closet or. furniture to be treated. And, as in the case of coffee, to be effective we will leave it within 24 hours.

With wood soap

Methods to remove musty odor from wooden furniture

In addition to the remedies with products that we have at home, We can also buy wood soap that is indicated to kill germs and bacteria, those responsible many times for a wooden furniture to smell musty.

To the sun

Methods to remove musty odor from wooden furniture

If it is possible to put the furniture with humidity problems in the sun, it is a very effective remedy (In fact, it is advisable to do it to complete the remedies previously explained). You just have to be careful not to leave it out all day because when the sun goes down, we would achieve the opposite effect to that desired.

With sandpaper

Methods to remove musty odor from wooden furniture

Y, In cases where the humidity problem is located in a specific area of ​​the furniture, it may be convenient to sand it to allow the wood to breathe for a few days and moisture is removed. For a complete recovery of the furniture, we will apply the stain again and, once dry, a transparent finish coat to seal the color.