Home remedies to relieve sunburn

We are all very aware, or at least we should be, of the importance of avoiding excess sun on our skin since the effects of overexposure are very dangerous for our health. Now, if during a day on the beach or in the field we have lowered our guard and we have ended up with an area burned by the sun, we offer you some below tips with home remedies to relieve the discomfort of superficial burns caused by the sun and regenerate our skin.

But we insist, much better to be safe than sorry.

aloe vera

The healing effects of aloe vera are well known and, in the case of sunburn, they can also be very useful. We must apply the juice that the leaves of the aloe vera plant give off on the affected area. The fresh, jelly-like juice will help us to regenerate sunburned skin.

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Black tea or green tea

In addition to being high in vitamin C, green tea and black tea contain tannins and flavonoids, ingredients that relieve pain and inhibit inflammation. In addition, they also contain polyphenols, the phytochemicals that are responsible for the color, taste and smell of tea and also inhibit certain enzymes that promote the development of skin cancer.

Milk soaked cloths

To alleviate the effects of burning on our skin due to excess sun, it is also very useful to soak some cloths in milk and apply them on burns. And, if the milk is cold, we will be able to increase the feeling of relief.

Like milk, yogurts can also become our allies to combat the effects of sunburn. We will only have to pass a cotton pad impregnated with cold yogurt over the area to be treated.

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The acetic acid in vinegar helps relieve skin irritation making it a good remedy for burns. To use it, it is necessary to dissolve a tablespoon of vinegar in a liter of water, and apply it on the burn with a moistened compress.


Tomato has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties thanks to its lycopene content. Therefore, using it on superficial sunburns can be very useful. It involves applying its pulp on the burned skin for about 15 minutes and then removing it with cold water.
Another vegetable that can help relieve burning is the potato as it has starch-based compounds. We must cut a raw potato into slices and rub it on the burn.

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Good hydration

The last trick to relieve sunburn is to drink a lot of water. Staying well hydrated within 48 hours of sun exposure is essential to help the skin regenerate.