Home remedies to control sweat

The high temperatures typical of summer make us sweat more than usual, so we have to live with the discomfort that it entails, the fences in the clothes or, even, the bad smell. Sweating is a natural process in the body that helps us regulate our temperature while also allowing us to discard impurities. The usual causes that cause us to sweat are the temperature of the environment, practicing physical exercise and stressful situations (In all of them the temperature of our body rises so it acts to self-regulate through sweat).

But, although it is a normal reaction of our body and it is something that affects us to a greater or lesser extent, it is still annoying and can make us uncomfortable on more than one occasion. And let’s not say if we suffer from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Home remedies so that sweat stops worrying us

Sage infusion

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Sage is an aromatic plant that has antiperspirant properties that regulate the function of the sweat glands. In this sense, it contains magnesium and vitamins of the B complex that participate in hormonal regulation to control sweating.

Natural antimicrobials

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Baking soda or lemon could not be missing in a home remedy worth its salt. In this case lThe mixture of bicarbonate, a powerful antimicrobial, and lemon, which contains antiparasitic compounds offers us a good solution to control sweat. We make a thick paste with the two ingredients (1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 of lemon) and rub it with gentle circular massages on the areas to be treated. After 15 minutes, we rinse with cold water.

Natural deodorants

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The combination of apple cider vinegar, thyme and rosemary is a good option to make a natural deodorant to neutralize bad odor and excess fluids. Boil 1 tablespoon of thyme and 1 of rosemary for 15 minutes. Strain and mix with half a cup of apple cider vinegar. With the result, we rub the areas of the armpits or neck with a gauze.

To control sweat, We can also use cornstarch or cornstarch, It is a gentle product on the skin that allows us to keep it dry and free of unpleasant odors. It is enough to mix a teaspoon of cornstarch with one of baking soda with which we will obtain a powdered deodorant. We apply it on the armpits and leave it during the day.

Other recommendations to keep sweat under control

  • Avoid spicy foods or ingredients such as cayenne or pepper, which increase our temperature due to the heat and, therefore, we sweat more.
  • Better not eat very hot dishes or make very large meals.
  • Reduce the consumption of foods with a higher amount of iodine (garlic, onion or celery).
  • Use clothing that is not very tight and better if it is cotton, linen or silk. These fabrics are breathable and absorb water.