Home remedies for the flu

With the arrival of cold begins the first flu. In addition to visiting our doctor to make a correct diagnosis and prescribe the necessary medication, there are some home remedies that can help us alleviate the symptoms.

During the cold months our body needs a high dose of vitamins, especially those that help us prevent or combat diseases or conditions typical of this time of year, and nature knows it, therefore, this time is when more oranges we collect. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, also present in lemons or vegetables such as cabbages or broccoli. Other foods such as chicken broth or legumes will help us decongest the nose and reduce muscle aches. Liquids will be very necessary and effective in case of flu, as well as yogurts, ginger, garlic or honey.

There is a home remedy that has not been scientifically proven to be effective by putting a halved onion next to the bed while we sleep to calm a cough.


If your flu is accompanied by a strong congestion nasaHe who does not let you breathe we advise you to carry out eucalyptus fumes. To do this, boil water with several leaves of this plant and inhale for a few minutes to open the airways.

The humidifiers They can also help us breathe better by hydrating our throat and nostrils. Along these lines, you can also use diffusers with essential oils of tea tree, oregano or peppermint, great for fighting flu symptoms.

Diuretic infusions that help you combat fluid retention

As we said, steam is a great ally against the flu, so hot baths are also a good remedy to help us expel mucus and relieve muscle pain.

If in your case what you suffer the most is a severe sore throat and cough, you can try sucking natural candies made by yourself. To do this, make a mixture of water, sugar, honey, ginger, lemon and cloves. Bring it all to a boil for 20 minutes approximately and when it is cold, spread the mixture on the oven tray to make candies.

Another option is to make an infusion of onion, lemon, honey and ginger to relieve a cough with mucus. Or, you can try a homemade syrup made from lemon, honey, and ginger. Without a doubt, home and natural remedies to take the days that we are sick at home a little better.

And remember, if you are a person at risk, call your health center to get vaccinated against the flu and thus avoid further complications.