Hiccup: Is There Really An Effective Way To Get Rid Of It?

Surely on more than one occasion you have had hiccups. Without a doubt, it is a rather uncomfortable experience, although beyond that, it generally does not pose any problem for our health. If after a while you don’t know how to end it, take note of these tricks to say goodbye to that peculiar little noise.

What is hiccup?

Hiccups appear due to an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm causing slight abdominal pressure that causes the glottis to close, causing a characteristic sound.

Some of the causes of the appearance of hiccups are the consumption of alcohol or spicy foods, eating too fast, living a stressful situation, smoking, swallowing air while eating or a simple change in temperature.

However, when the hiccups persist longer than normal or is accompanied by other symptoms, it will be necessary to consult a doctor since it could warn us of some other type of problem such as a hiatal hernia, an infection or vascular disease, diabetes, imbalances of calcium levels in the blood, and it could even indicate a heart attack or pneumonia, among others.

Remedies to end hiccups naturally

Although the best way to end hiccups is not to think about it, distract ourselves with something else and be patient with it as it will eventually disappear, the truth is that there are some tricks to help us in this fight.

Being a diaphragm problem, any change in breathing or posture can help us relax this part of our body and end hiccups. So try taking slow, deep breaths or bringing your knees to your chest to close your diaphragm. If it still continues, you can try these other tips:

Home remedies to remove hiccups Photo: bigstock
  • Cover your ears: This trick is endorsed by two British researchers. If we cover our ears while we drink water with the help of a straw, we will be able to end the hiccups. This is partly because when the vagus nerve in the ear canal becomes plugged, the body becomes alert and sends the signal to the diaphragm so that the hiccups disappear.
  • Drink water upside down: it is one of the oldest tricks along with the scare one. When drinking water from the opposite side of the glass we will have to bend our torso, making a movement of the diaphragm and respiratory muscles, normalizing our breathing.
  • Hold the breath: it is another of the oldest tricks. By covering our nose and mouth and stopping breathing for a few seconds, we increase the amount of carbon dioxide in our bloodstream, sending a signal to our body that something is not working properly.
  • Drink cold water: if you drink a glass of cold water without breathing you will cause that low temperature to cause a shock in the diaphragm and let it rest. You can also suck an ice.
  • Honey: a spoonful of honey will calm the nerve that triggers the hiccups.
  • Vinegar and lemon: the smell of vinegar or lemon will reach our lungs, slowing down the hiccups. We can also take a tablespoon of one of these two foods. Its strong flavor will distract our mind.
  • Chamomile: It is a great relaxant that will help us calm the diaphragm.
  • Breathing into a bag: breathe into a paper bag as quickly as possible for 10 seconds and take it off.

We hope that with all these tips the hiccups will go away quickly.