Here are some ideas for reusing plastic bottles

They talk about the importance of recycling plastic, which is good because in this way we contribute to harm the environment less. And it is true that recycling plants can give this material a second life, but so can we at home. It is not necessary that we throw all the bottles we use into the yellow container, with them and other plastic items they can be made many objects that we need in everyday life.


With a simple empty mineral water bottle you can make an original container to place pencils or pens, but also to make an improvised vase in which to place a bouquet of flowers that they have given us.

The process is very simple, we just have to take scissors and cut the bottle to the height we want, in the middle or a little higher. So that the cut part is not uneven we will have to pass it under an iron for a few seconds. This way we will be able to give it a more beautiful finish.

Flower pots

With a plastic bottle we can also make some very original flowerpots. In this case we must cut it in half again. The part of the base is filled with a little water and the part of the mouth, where it is drunk, is turned over and placed on top of the base and filled with earth. Then we place the plant we want and we will see how it grows little by little.

Another way to make a planter is simply cut a rectangular hole through the center of the bottle, leaving a hole to be able to put the soil and the seed, and allow the plant to grow through it. In this case, the bottle must be lying down and with the cap on, so that the earth does not escape from one of its sides.

Edible straws against plastic waste (big stock)

Decorative elements

In the case of large soda bottles, in which the plastic is harder, with the bases you can make infinity of decorative elements. Cut almost flush, they constitute a container that we can give different uses to. For example, by putting together several we can create circular shapes that can serve as a ceiling for a bedside table lamp.

The reuse of plastic can take us wherever our imagination wishes. On the internet you can find all kinds of objects made with bottles, from a table to a whole boat. Everything is a matter of research, be patient and feel a certain attraction to crafts.