Headsets and other options for comfortable phone conversation

Technological advances surprise us almost daily with new products, especially in the field of telephony. The mobile is part of our life and fulfills thousands of functions through the most diverse applications, but we must not forget that it is still a communication tool, whose ultimate (or first) purpose is to allow us receive calls and be able to answer them.

To make having a telephone conversation even easier, for a few years we have had headphones with built-in microphone, chosen by an increasing number of consumers. The sound quality they offer and the advantage of being able to communicate without having to carry the phone “glued” to your ear are two points in favor that make this simple accessory continue to gain followers.

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If adding headphones of this type to your mobile phone seems like a good idea, when buying one you will see that there is a wide variety of models, among which it is not always easy to choose. To clarify your ideas as much as possible, this little “buying guide” can come in handy. Take note of the details and features that you should pay attention to.

If your goal is to have headphones that allow you not only to listen, but also to speak and participate in a conversation, it is essential check that it is a bidirectional device, with sound input and output. Do not assume that this ultra modern model at such a good price has a built-in microphone. Just in case, confirm it.

Headsets and other products for talking on the phone

The next important point is to determine if you want a headset. wired or wireless and with bluetooth technology. Any system can give you good results, but the fact of not having to keep the headphones constantly connected to the mobile will give you greater freedom of movement. If you choose the bluetooth option, look at the range of your headphones. They should allow you to get away from the phone and you can continue talking at least 5 or 6 meters. And if there are 10, the better.

Design is important too. There is no one better than another, because the choice depends on your preferences. Although there are small varieties, in general, you have to choose between three types of headphones: headband or over ear, those that are introduced in the external area of ​​the auditory pinna or in ear; and what are kind hook, which are inserted into the ear but have an external attachment that hooks on the ear, like the “earpieces” of television presenters.

Some people find it annoying to wear something inside their ear and prefer the headband type. If this is your case, test the headphones before you buy and check that they do not bother you, because it has the appropriate soft protections for your head and ears. If you want something more discreet, you may like the other two options.

Of course, lto sound quality is a key detail in these accessories. Keep in mind that on many occasions you will be talking on the phone on the street or in places with background noise. The best ones usually have filters to minimize these noises and offer better hearing.

Headsets and other products for talking on the phone

What other alternatives are there?

If you would like to do without the mobile and you have a Smart watch, you should know that it is quite likely that you can use it as a telephone. Many of the smartwatch models have this option. In some, you will have to insert the SIM card of your mobile so that the watch can make and receive calls. With this simple gesture, you will be able to speak exactly the same as with your smartphone, with the comfort of carrying it on your wrist and having it more handy than ever.

In other cases, the watch is not designed to support the card and you will need to “Pair” with your mobile via bluetooth. If your phone has this technology, it is very easy. You just have to activate it in ‘Settings’, turn on your watch, wait a few seconds and select, in the phone section ‘Search for devices’, the model of your watch that you will see on the screen. This way the external device will already be recognized and any call that reaches your mobile will also reach your wrist.

Another interesting alternative, especially if you have hearing loss problems, are the innovative hearing aids incorporating bluetooth technology. These digital hearing aids connect to your mobile phone just like any other device and are designed to receive its signal, eliminating possible interference and background noise. They do not have any type of cable and some are also designed to improve hearing if you want to. connect to other devices such as television, computer or tablet.

Listening to your interlocutor with better sound quality and being able to carry on a conversation in total comfort, even going so far as to do without the telephone, is now a reality that is within your reach.