Have you left the keys in place? Try these tricks to open the door

One day you will lose your mind! You have surely heard this phrase on more than one occasion. If you are one of those who always live in a hurry, you may not lose your head, but the keys it is very likely yes. Or watch out! because you can close the door leaving them forgotten inside the house and even put inside. In case something of this has happened to you or the day comes when it happens to you, take note of these simple tricks to open it without calling a locksmith.

The opening of doors due to forgetting or loss of keys is one of the most common assistances that locksmiths attend every day.

Among the first tips that we can give you is that, in addition to doing things calmly, always have a copy of the keys at the house of a relative, neighbor or friend that lives nearby. But if this is not the case and, as long as you do not have the lock, since otherwise you would need the help of a locksmith, we are going to give you some tricks so that you can open it easily.

Tricks to try to open if you have left the keys in place

Keys put in the lock

The first thing we must ask ourselves in these cases is whether our lock has cylinders with an emergency function or are they friction cylinders, since these are prepared to open on both sides as they are totally independent. Then, we can open without problem from outside, even if we have left the key in the lock.

If, on the other hand, we do not have this type of cylinder, we will have to resort to some tricks.


In the case of leaving the key inside, it is important to remember if it was turned or not. In case that is not rotated We can open the door with the help of a fine wire or something similar. Then, just put the wire through the lock to try to push the key that we have on the other side of the door from the outside. Pushing it a few millimeters would be enough to put our key (spare).

X-ray or plastic bottle

In these cases of key on but not turned We can also help each other to open the door of an x-ray, card or plastic bottle.

Although it is one of the best known and most common methods to open doors, even for thieves, you should know that in modern doors and locks this method is not as effective, although as in everything, it is a matter of trying and having patience .

To do this we will have to introduce the X-ray through the gap between the frame and the door, about 20 cm. below the lock and then carry out vertical movements, from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Entering about 3 or 4 centimeters of the X-ray will be enough.

If you see that you cannot insert the X-ray through the hole in the door, you will have to tap your foot on the door to get slack. When we find it difficult, we will have to give strong and short blows upwards until the door is open and with the other hand, force in and out pushing the door.

No keys in the lock

In the event that you have forgotten the keys inside the house (but not put in the lock) or you have lost them and you do not have others at hand, there are several tricks to open it.

  • Bone scan: in this case, we can also carry out the previous trick of the x-ray, card or plastic bottle.
  • Bumping: It is one of the techniques most used by both locksmiths and thieves. Therefore, our advice is that if you have an old lock, change it for a new anti bumping. It consists of using a master or modified key in order to force the opening of the lock by tapping it. To do this, the master key is inserted into the hole or slot of the lock. Once inside, the key is tapped lightly to make the cylinder give way and finally open the lock. Master keys can only be purchased online.