Have you burned the clothes by ironing or have glitters appeared? These are the tricks to fix it

Has it ever happened to you that when you ironed a dark shirt, some awful glitter appeared? Or have you been on the phone while ironing and when you return your clothes have burned? If something like this has happened to you during any of your ironing, take note of these home remedies to solve it and make your clothes look perfect again.

Freshly ironed clothes are a sign of cleanliness, hygiene and elegance. But on some occasions, the iron can play tricks on us. Next, we will try to see the most common ones and how we can solve them.

Rust stains from the plate

One of the best methods to remove iron stains from clothes is to apply soda about them. After pouring a little soda on the area, dry it with a towel gently, you will see how the stains disappear.

The white vinegar or lemon they are also two very effective stain removal products. Take a cloth and moisten it with one of these products and then rub it on the stain and then put it in the washing machine.

Shine on black clothes

Dip a clean, light-colored cloth in White vinegar and squeeze it out well. Place it on the shiny area of ​​the garment and hold the iron on the cloth until you see that the steam has penetrated well, but does touch the cloth.

Next, take the cloth and rub it against the material going against the fabric. This should lift the fibers, removing the shine.

Remember to iron black clothes inside out or put a piece of cloth between the iron and dark clothes to avoid shine.

Have you burned the clothes by ironing or did you have glitter?  These are the tricks to fix it


Although it is not always possible to remove a burn stain, there are a few tricks we can do, especially on cotton and linen fabrics.

One of the first remedies is to wet the garment and add a little liquid detergent. If you see that the stain is very large and the fabric allows it, you can immerse it in water with bleach for about 15 minutes. Then put it in the washing machine in the specific program according to the fabric. Once the wash is finished, put it to dry in the sunlight, since the rays are a great ally to lighten all kinds of stains. You can repeat it as many times as necessary.

The frozen water It is another widely used home remedy in these cases. It is enough to leave the burned garment soak in ice water for approximately one hour and then we will wash it following the instructions on the label.

If the burn is very large, try scrubbing with a nail file since in this way we will eliminate the burned material. With this remedy we will not be able to get rid of the stain but we will conceal it slightly.