Hasn’t Hacienda la Renta returned you?

If you are in the group of taxpayers that this fiscal year has had to present the declaration of the Personal income taxYou will have been able to do it from April 2 to July 1. Made the declaration, touch pay if it corresponds to you or wait for the return if after the accounts, the result obtained presents a balance in your favor.

The time in which the Treasury makes the returns has been significantly reduced in recent years, but there are cases in which the expected income does not arrive. What happens then?

How to expedite the return of the Rent

Tranquility. That the money does not arrive does not imply, in principle, anything strange. The Tax Agency (@Haciendagob) you have 6 months, from the end of the tax presentation campaign, to carry out the corresponding liquidation. Calculate and you will see that until December-January your return of the Rent may not be reflected in your checking account.

Once the term in which the Treasury should have made the refund, to the outstanding amount interest for late payment will have to be added (around 3.75%), as long as the delay in payment is attributable to the Tax Agency, because if it occurs due to an error when filling in the form or performing the self-assessment, for example, the Treasury will not add interest in your favor .

Return of the Rent

To know your status in this regard, you can very easily check the phase in which the review of your declared personal income tax is. You just have to enter the virtual office of the Tax agency and go to the section «Return inquiry”. You can access it with the DNIe or electronic certificate or the Cl @ ve PIN. If you don’t have any of this, there is the option to sign in with a reference number that you will get on the fly on the same web page.

When through any of these ways access your file, you will be able to consult the “Processing status « and you will see three possible messages that will provide you with more or less information:

  1. Your declaration is being processed.
  2. Your statement is being checked.
  3. Your statement has been processed, estimating the requested refund, that is, the money is on the way.

If the wait is long and you want to try expedite the return, there is also the option to access the system «Verify», thought for the review and self-correction of returns already filed. It can only be reached with electronic identification or the Cl @ ve system. Once inside, you will get detailed information about any incident that is delaying the return.