Guidelines for a good night’s sleep despite the heat

Summer is coming and with it, of course, the hottest days. During the day we can tolerate it thanks to the fact that more and more places have air conditioning, we cool off on beaches or swimming pools or resort to cool drinks and ice cream. But What about those nights when the thermometers do not drop below 25ºC? They are those in which it is difficult for us to fall asleep, we wake up at dawn drenched in sweat and the next day we are not people.

For those who have air conditioning at home, the solution is easy because it can be the perfect option to combat the hottest nights. Of course, it has to be put to good use: we must not have the air flow pointing directly at us at night, nor lower the temperature excessively or have dirty filters.

But let’s focus on those homes that do not have air conditioning (or do not want to use it at night), how can they get to sleep despite the heat?

Tricks to get to sleep when the heat hits

Keep the rythm

Better to avoid excessively varying our routine or habits on hotter days. That is, we must go to sleep at the same time and it is highly advisable not to take a nap since we will arrive at night with less sleep and that will not help us.

A cool space

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During the day, some recommendations must be taken into account so that the room is kept as cool as possible: keep the curtains drawn and the blinds lowered so that the sun does not enter. Also, do not open the windows in direct sunlight to prevent hot air from entering. Of course, about 20 minutes before going to sleep, we will open the windows so that the atmosphere is cooled and, hopefully, that the breeze enters.

Always comfortable

Better if we use loose pajamas or nightgowns, made of cotton or linen, that do not fit the body and made of synthetic materials. And, as regards the sheets, also better cotton and linen, as thin as possible so that they allow the body to breathe, which helps to mitigate the heat.

Everything helps

A fan, no matter how small, can help reduce heat, especially in humid climates. It makes it easier for sweat to evaporate so it helps the body regulate internal temperature.

Well hydrated

We have to drink enough water throughout the day so that we are well hydrated. And if we opt for other drinks, it is better that they are not hot because it would raise our body temperature, which we do not want to happen.

In addition, it is better to avoid alcohol, coffee and tobacco because they are stimulants and will not help us fall asleep.

A warm shower

For the hottest days, it is advisable before going to sleep to take a shower with warm water to relax. We will avoid hot water that would raise our body temperature or cold water that would reduce the ability to sweat and, therefore, reduce heat.

Sport before

Avoid exercising just before sleeping because it would activate our minds, which would not contribute to better sleep.

And the same happens with the use of tablets and mobiles before sleeping. The lights in these devices delay the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep.