Guide to apply for the retirement pension in 2021 step by step

The Social Security retirement pension is an economic benefit for life (it expires upon the death of the pensioner) that is granted to workers who stop working because of their age. The right to collect this pension does not prescribe, but its management and the recognition of the right to it correspond to the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), so it must be processed and resolved at the management center of the Provincial Directorate of the INSS of the interested party (although it can be presented in any official registry). In the case of workers included in the Special Sea Regime, they must submit their application to the Social Institute of the Navy (ISM), which will be the one who will recognize the right to the corresponding pension.

When to start the procedures

The procedures to apply for the retirement pension can begin within the three months before or after the date of termination of work. If these deadlines are met, the economic effects of the pension occur from the day following the date we stop working. As the right to a pension does not prescribe, the procedures can be started later, but bear in mind that, if the application is submitted more than three months after the date of termination of employment, the economic effects of the pension will occur with a maximum retroactivity of three months from the presentation of the application. There is official model to apply for the retirement pension.

Necessary documentation

Regarding the documents that must accompany the application, in all cases the applicant, legal representative and other persons listed in the application must prove their identity through the following valid documentation:

• Spaniards: National Identity Document (DNI).

• Foreigners resident or non-resident in Spain: Passport or, where appropriate, valid identity document in your country and NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) required by the AEAT for payment purposes.

• Documentation accrediting legal representation, if applicable. If you are an institutional guardian, CIF / NIF, document stating the appointment of guardianship of the Institution and certifying certification of the Institution’s representation.

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In addition, in all types of retirement, we must provide proof of payment of contributions for the last 3 months if the one who submits the request is the one who is obliged to enter them and the termination of work has occurred in the same period. You will also have to prove the Contribution Bases by:

  • Certification of the last company / s in which you have worked.
  • Proof of payment of fees, in the event that you are the one obligated to enter them.
  • Certificate issued by the National Employment Institute (INEM) or competent body in your Autonomous Community, if you are unemployed as an applicant.

When will I have an answer?

The processing of the retirement pension must be resolved and notified to the interested party, by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), within a maximum period of 90 days (on the Social Security website it is indicated that, currently, the average term is 19 days). If the INSS resolves favorably, the pension will be paid to the retiree on a monthly basis, with two extraordinary payments that are accrued with the month of June and November. The pensioner must take into account that the retirement pension is subject to the Personal Income Tax (IRPF).