Grants from the Junta de Andalucía for the elderly

Older people have been crucial in many Spanish families during the last economic crisis, sustaining in many cases the family economy with their pensions, especially in difficult moments of the labor market for the youngest. This, however, does not mean that they are not a group that can also suffer risk of exclusion or that, at least, you do not need certain aids to be able to carry out certain activities.

The different administrations handle a series of grants and subsidies Aimed at the elderly, either through the use of discount cards or others that guarantee their well-being. Focusing on Andalusia, the Board has several measures that focus on the elderly, on making opportunities more accessible through grants or aid, which we will now detail.

Andalusia Board sixty-five card

The Andalusia Junta sixntaycinco card is a document that all residents of Andalusia over 65 years of age can request free of charge. This card allows you to quickly and directly enjoy benefits and social services such as discounts, aid or access to programs. The card has a Gold mode that is granted to those people who, in addition to being over 65 years old and residing in Andalusia, did not exceed 75% of the IPREM on your personal income for the year prior to applying for the card.

Every year presents news in discounts and travel, leisure and free time proposalse, circuits, weekend getaways, shopping and a multitude of offers specially designed for people over 65 years old.


Social welfare

Once the person acquires the recognition of their condition or degree of dependency, they will receive the visit from a social worker to know your socio-family situation and study the most suitable resource to cover your care needs. At that time too it will be necessary to present financial documentation, since the financing of the services and the amount of benefits that can be accessed depend on the situation and the capacity of each person.

Telecare Service

The Telecare Service allows its users to receive personalized attention through the telephone line, 24 hours a day, just by pressing the button of a device arranged for it. It is an instrument whose objective is to provide a greater level of autonomy to the elderly or dependent and their families.

Home help

Home help is carried out to attend to the dependent person in those basic activities where you need help, such as food, hygiene, home maintenance or mobility, with the elderly being the main beneficiaries of this help.

The drama of the elderly abandoned in residences


It involves the granting of subsidies aimed at facilitating the greatest possible autonomy for the elderly. The acquisition, renovation and repair of dental prostheses and orthoses. The requirements to apply for it are that the average of all the people who live in the applicant’s address does not exceed 1.25 on average of IPREM, be 65 years old on the last day of the deadline for submitting applications, not having obtained the status of beneficiary for the same concept in the previous call, being in a situation of inactivity and having a certain budget.

Day and night centers

The Day and Night Center Service offers comprehensive care during the day or night period to elderly or dependent people, with the aim of improving or maintaining the best possible level of personal autonomy and supporting families or caregivers. There are also Residential Care Centers, which are centers of a social nature that, as a replacement for the family home, offer accommodation, maintenance, coexistence and comprehensive care.

Active aging

Inturjoven it’s a program of meetings for the elderly, with offers of tourist packages complete individual or groups. These include accommodation for several days and nights, on a full board basis, in Andalusian hostels, as well as leisure and tourism activities. The program is designed to promote aging in an active and healthy way through visits to representative places of Andalusia for their historical, cultural or environmental value. With the Andalusia Junta Sesentaycinco Card we will also have discounts on other leisure activities.