Grandma’s remedies that don’t work

The popular knowledge is, above all, very popular, but you don’t always have to be wise or smart. They have their roots in decades, even hundreds of years by word of mouth, bringing us remedies that are traditionally called ‘grandmother’s’ but which, not infrequently, have little or no scientific evidence and, even, can be harmful or dangerous.

Many of those remedies have been forgotten and discarded simply because science advances and gives us either better remedies or the reason why we should not continue using them. Who has not heard that to whet a child’s appetite they were given some type of alcoholic liquor, which varied depending on the area of ​​Spain where they lived? Nobody would think of doing something like this anymore, but nevertheless there are other ‘remedies’ among us that, as you will see, have no reason to exist.


Burns and toothpaste

A real danger to unite the two. Faced with a minor burn (the serious ones better to go directly to a Hospital), the best is cold water with soap and a specific pharmacy cream. Toothpaste as a home remedy can lead to infection. The same happens with ice, since applied directly can burn the wound even more.


Onion against respiratory jams

It is the most classic of remedies to relieve breathing difficulties during a cold or flu. However, except to give us its aroma throughout a room, it is of very little use. The onion does have expectorant and antiseptic properties, but in a very residual way and it would not serve to open our airways at night. The placebo effect here has a lot to do with it and, above all, that we are always taking some other pharmaceutical remedy at the same time that, in reality, it is the one that makes us improve.


Lemon Baking Soda Toothpaste

Homemade toothpastes are also a classic among ‘grandma’s’ remedies. When toothpastes were not available to everyone, there were numerous substitutes, but today they do not make any sense. Especially the use of lemon and baking soda, as they combine the worst that we can use to take care of our teeth and, especially, our enamel: an abrasive element with an acid.


Propolis as an anti cold miracle

Propolis is a substance that we can find as a dietary supplement, and it is even used in some infusions, but it will not work miracles if we want to avoid, or cure, a cold. The best recipe is to eat well, take care of our immune system with healthy lifestyle habits and, if necessary, go to our family doctor if you have any questions.

milk honey

Home remedies that do work

In the same way that scientific advances have ruined the benefits of some remedies, they have also confirmed that others can help us. For example, the hot milk with honey helps hydrate sore throat, just like rinsing with warm water and salt Helps relieve the discomfort of canker sores or mouth wounds.