Gifts to surprise your partner at the golden wedding

The anniversary of the Golden Jubilee is an event that you can celebrate in privacy, with those closest to you or just with your partner. In any case, it’s a moment that deserves some detail towards the person who has been our companion for 50 years. If you are looking to be original or make a different gift in addition to a bouquet of flowers, these are some proposals.

Photo album

The idea is not to just buy a photo album and that’s it. If you have time it would be interesting if you could make one compilation of images with those special moments that you have lived together and place them chronologically.

A more original way to prepare this surprise is to use a normal notebook, with the smooth sheets, and paste the photos on them in addition to adding any additional comments or embellishments. But remember that this is a more manual job that requires dedication and that it can be a good option if you like crafts.

Original bouquets

Although this is a classic and you can always go to it or even just a red rose, it is possible to go a little further. There are bouquets made based on chocolates and flowers, which you can even prepare yourself. It’s just about combining the sweets with the flowers you have chosen and including some golden element that decorates it.

Custom gifts

The variety is enormous in these cases. We can order cups for breakfast where the names of both appear, key chains, engraved figures, cushions, etc. The important thing is that they contain a pleasant message and that they present a specific design that recalls the golden anniversary, with the number 50 and some gold motif.

Gift packs

This is a gift to enjoy both. On the one hand, there are the experience packs that cover many possibilities, and that can include from romantic weekend trips, up to a massage session and spa in a specialized center. Here you must choose considering the tastes of the two.

A newspaper of your life

There are companies that are responsible for making personalized newspapers, where in addition to collecting the news of your wedding, in a prominent place, include other information that happened on that same date 50 years ago.