Gel insoles, when to use them?

There are many types of templates made of a wide variety of materials: latex, plastics such as polyurethane, cork … In recent years, gel products have been gaining space in the market, mainly due to the comfort of the damping level they provide, but as podiatrists indicate, a distinction must be made between templates intended solely for the foot rest and those that have therapeutic effects, which must always be personalized.

Some manufacturers of gel insoles point out as their main advantage their ability to reduce the impact of each step indicating, in addition, that within the templates of this type there are also variations in terms of their shape and also in gel density they present to be more or less flexible.

Are gel insoles recommended for the elderly?

Only the podiatrist, in many cases attending to the diagnosis of other specialists, especially rheumatologists, is the one who can determine the type of insole that can provide greater comfort and health for your feet.

As the Podoactiva Foundation, the morphology of the foot, the footprint itself and the presence or not of some pathology such as plantar fasciitis, claw-toe heel spur … make the use of custom templates that in addition to providing cushioning and comfort, have a therapeutic effect as part of a treatment aimed at correcting or alleviating those ailments related to the foot.

If you don’t have any kind of problem and you just want some templates so that your feet rest At a certain moment, perhaps, when you put on shoes that you do not normally use (heels), or when doing sports, gel insoles may be a good option, but in the event of possible discomfort, prior consultation with the expert is essential .

A biomechanical study personalized, which detects how you support your foot when walking, the elaboration of a mold with the exact shape of your foot, so that the future insole fits perfectly and the choice of suitable material, For the template to fulfill its function, these are the three steps to really make your templates be your best allies with each step.